D’s New V10 & New DVDs

D & I were at Mongkok earlier to run a couple of errands.
First, I booked my driving lessons with the HK School Of Motoring, followed by looking for bouldering crashpads at Chamonix where D ended up with a new pair of climbing shoes (Five Ten’s V10 slippers) and I bought a couple of tops.
After a quick dinner at Macs, we went into a DVD shop and went a lil’ crazy in there. Guess which are DVDs that I bought and which are D’s…

3 responses to “D’s New V10 & New DVDs

  1. those v10s are beautiful for bouldering. it fits my feet perfectly. the anasazi velcro was my favourite but the heelcup is always hollow hence makes it hard to heel hook. i bet you a hundred dollars that, hong kong is the only place on earth where you can get cheap rock shoes.

  2. You’re absolute right about rock shoes being cheap here. I was back in Singapore a couple of months back and the shoes were generally 50% more expensive then HK and less models available.

  3. Agreed… although I am still looking for my 5.10 Guide… Chamonix/HKMTC shop at Mongkok used to carry it last year, but I was quite hesitant about getting the approach shoes. And now, when I have decided, they don’t carry it anymore, the other option is the 5.10 Mountain Master… will see will see.

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