A Linguistic/Phonetic/Lexicon Explanation

In view of S’pore’s latest “Speak Good English” Campaign, it is important for me to explain the reason for my new blog name, a deviation from the seemingly formal “Chris News Network” aka “CNN”.

Taken from http://www.talkingcock.com/html/lexec.php?op=LexLink&lexicon=lexicon&keyword=KAN&page=1 

(kahn chee-ong)
A Cantonese and Hokkien term meaning nervous,worried, harried or uptight.
“Your exam in June, now only March, you kan-cheong for what?” (The exam’s in June and now it’s only March. What are you getting so nervous about?”

Terms used to describe someone who’s kan cheong.

Actually, the simple reason is that I can be a Kancheong Spider, albeit at a lighter degree most of the time.

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