Who Is Kancheong Spider?

Depending on how friendly I am with you, you will only know the various layers about me that I decide to reveal to you.

Other than that, I am having lots of fun with life… stretching my mental and physical being in all directions, knowing that I am riding through this life with someone who is likeminded.



9 responses to “Who Is Kancheong Spider?

  1. I really enjoyed reading your website. The website is cool!

  2. Gee thanks… I m glad you like it.

  3. Hey, um… you wouldn’t happen to be Mrs. Christina Tan, would you?

  4. Uh… yup, the “mystery” is out. And who are you?!?

  5. Hihi, I’m so happy that you have joined the mummies group… see you in Sin soon!

  6. I’m wiring you in behalf of http://www.squarefoot.com.hk , the leading independent property portal in Hong Kong. Our aim is to help property agents and property seekers to better communicate and help the non Chinese readers in HK to understand the property market. As part of this effort, we are building now a database of general photos for each district.

    After reading your website, we are interested in using your picture (https://christph.wordpress.com/2006/08/) on our website. as a reference to (Gold Coast). We will be happy to give you the appropriate credit as the source of the photo(s).

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  7. Hi,
    i hope you will be reading this. I am an architecture post graduate and am doing my thesis on ‘old school at mt sophia’ which is the former MGS. I chanced upon your blog when i was looking for old photos of the school. i was wondering if you have any. credits will be given for any photos used. Kindly reply to me should you be willing to help.
    thanks a million

  8. Hi Kancheong,

    Just arrived from Paris to HK for work!!
    I started to climb around 3 years ago in Font, and now that i’m here I miss climbing!! I’ve been to Boulderland already once and wondering if there’ any other gym… It’s not the right season to go outdoor, so do you know if where I could boulder indoor and have fun, maybe meet other climbers?

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

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