TJ 三岁了 (16 Sep 2010)

This is TJ’s first b’day in Sgp. Originally we had grand plans to throw him a party, however both his parents are overwhelmed with work, his lil’ sister’s condition and the big move to the rented apartment.

Even though it wasn’t the party of the year, I hoped our Cheeky Monkey had fun throughout the day. I don’t suppose he really cared if there was a party with lots of people but the most important thing is that he had fun.

I thought I should let him do the things he enjoys doing, with no time limit at all. Usually if he is at the playground, I would be doing a countdown on how much time he had left and when it was finally time to leave, TJ can sometimes be cooperative and at other times, my worst enemy.

So it was bus rides, playgrounds, kiddy rides (TJ doesn’t realise the kiddy ride can move if Mama actually put in the one-dollar coin) and just letting him roam free without the crazy mum hollering for him to go home.

The day before, I had bought TJ’s birthday cake. Well actually, there were THREE small chocolate cakes that had pictures of his favourite “friends”, Thomas, James & Percy. I thought this was better than the usual round cake and since it was his birthday, he should have all the chocolate cake he could eat without sharing with anyone. 😉

Later in the evening, it was time for his birthday celebration. TJ was so excited to see his birthday cakes that he did his happy dance and ran around with the widest grin on his face. He had blown candles earlier in Aug when we celebrated D’s birthday, so TJ knew what he had to do and pestered his Papa to “hurry up”.

My baby is growing up and I’m just glad he is ours.

Happy Birthday, TJ.

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