Our Feisty Fighter – Separate Blogs

I have been thinking I should start a separate blog for my lil’ one who is still in NICU. I reckon it will be a good way to strictly document her “dramatic” entry  to the world, her early days in NICU and how we as parents learn to take care of a preemie.

I mentioned to D the other day that everything we thought we know about being parents to a newborn may not apply to our second kid. I feel odd that my lil’ one isn’t at home, I can’t wait to hold and hug her  and have TJ see and feel his lil’ sister. But intead, we now visit her daily in the hospital between 5-6pm, speak & sing to her through the incubator.

This 3rd week has been even more tiring. I’ve been more sleepy, my tension headache has come back more often and I guess the adrenaline I had during the first week has finally died down. It has been a tough 4weeks, counting from the first time when my waterbag sprung the leak until now. Worries, fears, anguish, normal reactions for mere mortals like us, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and God has not failed us all these years, so we will chin up and go through this time together.

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