It Happened

My 1st blog entry on my new iPhone4, my belated bday pressie from D. I went to the M1 outlet @ AMK Hub ard 3pm while TJ was napping. I had originally thought there wld b queue, there wasn’t but the whole transaction took 1h n i leaked big time cos the seat was not good for my posture.

The leaking stopped and I was home after getting some organic baby spinach.

At home, I was still ok although tired, cos I didnt have much sleep the previous nite n felt Leia bearing down hard on me more than usual.

After keying in my 80+ contacts details from scratch n syncing wifn iTunes, it was almost 12 midnite. I was sleepy but felt abit odd, seemed like I was having alil’ too many cramps and thought I could sleep it off.

But the cramps didnt and felt too much like contractions that started small and increased in intensity as each contraction made its way around my lower back b4 hugging my lower vertebrates in a painful embrace b4 disappearing. Another 1 would start in 4-5 min, as I laid on the bed, I knew this wasnt good. The worst case scenario.

D was still watching tv in the living rm when I finally decided to tell him after my 5th contraction. He knew better to dispute me and I called my gynae to seek his opinion as 2 more contractions hit me. Doc said, “Oh, u r in labour n must go to the hospital.”

After waking my mum with the news and said “I love u” as I placed the blanket on TJ, D and I left for the hospital. We rode in silence as I held his hand while I got thru’ a few more contractions.

I was put on the Ventolin drip to slow down the labor as the nurse had checked earlier tat I was 2cm dilated. Two nurses had to insert the catheter for the drip in my vein, twice. They caused me pain but fortunately for them, my contractions were more painful.

Doc came shortly, that was almost 2 am, and told us we will let the Ventolin try to halt the labor to buy us more time. He gave us the facts, that KK will not accept me in this stage unless I’m stabilised. Basically, admission to KK is purely for the lower NICU costs if I really had to give birth then. He mentioned we try to keep the baby in me longer, a few days would be good, a week would be better, 2 wks would b a miracle. I’m currently 27 wks 4 days.

D and I prayed after my doc left and left this to God. I know He answered my earlier prayers that D would b back from London if the worst case scenario has to happen. D wryly commented, while trying to find a position to sleep on the miserable chair next to me, that he would have been too wasted if this had happened on Thurs nite cos he hadnt slept much on the flight home. Again God works in mysterious ways.

The contractions stopped and I could kinda sleep but the automated blood pressure machine kept waking me up every 30min. I m currently on my 2nd bottle of Ventolin drip and so far things have settled down. D and I are just praying hard that our lil’ one will try to reach at least 30 wks for a better chance out in this world, compared to the bare facts that TJ’s PD discussed wif us tis morning. He did end off with the fact that babies at 27, 28 weeks do survive well, but require lots of medical help which is costly at the pte hospital. I asked for a ballpark figure. If I wld to deliver now,
my baby will have to stay in the hospital for at least 2 mths, for the inital week, she will need this medz to help her still developing lungs which would cost abt 6k but the cost of the medz will drop to a few hundreds as the days go by. And there will b a need to watch for infections, her stomach still not able to feed well so will need to b on drip. Haiz I’m just so glad tat D was with me cos I felt stronger to take in these facts with him next to me.

We cant do anything but pray n hope for God’s grace n care over this kid that He has blessed us with. We cant wait to see her but would love for her to be a happy, healthy and normal kid.

D took TJ to see me around 6pm and he cuddled next to me as he told me he took the black car, which was the colour of the cab they were in. It was nice to have my 2 favourite boys around for awhile, and I’m super glad D is home to be with TJ while I take care of our lil’ one.

One response to “It Happened

  1. So where you now, girl?
    You hang in there…rest well.
    Chat with you when you get better… :))

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