Abbreviation for Preterm Premature Rupture Of Membranes

Come to think of it, I had that with TJ, except it was at 36 wks, contractions only started an hour and a half after the waterbag burst, so this would have been the PROM instead.

D just told me a bit of a bad news. He most likely have to return to Sgp on next Friday afternoon instead of Thursday. Ok, it is just a difference of a day, but haiz, this being only Wednesday night, and there are still so many more hours and minutes to go. We never like to be away from each other for too long, and especially during this current limbo state of affairs. So it’s lots of prayers and just living day by day.

TJ doesn’t seem to care much that his papa isn’t around these few days. Not that he is fickle-minded, but at this age, I don’t suppose his sense of time is the same as us adults. I have been trying to keep his routine intact so that he has a good concept of time each day. I have been telling him papa loves him and on Monday when TJ was having his breakfast, he made me laughed when he said that papa was on an aeroplane. I didn’t expect this answer, and wondered how he knew. But since then, TJ hasn’t really talked about his dad unless I prompt him.

And when I told TJ that D is in London, the boy will start singing “London Bridge”… not the Fergie version though. 😉

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