A Father’s Love

After about a year and a half of searching for a good artist to ink on D, he finally found one in Sgp. He had checked with the lady tattoo artist who inked on us back in 2005 but she said she is not good with drawing portraits and declined the job. After some emails exchange and finally meeting up with Joseph from Visual Orgasm last week, D was confident that his second bodyart will be a good one.

Both bodyarts that D has represent life-changing moments and he wants to remember those moments for the rest of his life.

We agreed on this photo of TJ which I had taken and D fell in love with. And he was still so pudgy then, come to think of it, we weren’t able to see his neck for another few more months until he started to walk and run about.

D said Joseph basically freehand drew the portrait  onto his upper arm and after making sure it is as good as the photo, D entrusted his arm to Joseph for the next few hours.

And the result with his son’s name and the star sign on his left bicep. The face looks kinda squashed but that’s cos the arm is curved and isn’t a flat piece of canvas, something that is difficult to rectify with the photograph.

I asked D to flex his muscles and it looks a bit more like TJ, pudginess and all 🙂 D likes to look at his new bodyart and sees his son looking up at him.


A good friend asked what if D’s skin becomes old and wrinkly as the years go by and I replied, “TJ will just look like Yoda then.”

But I’ve been telling D to make sure he continues with his gym sessions to delay such horrible manifestation from happening. 😉

As for me, I will wait till my second child is born before getting inked again. And since I prefer words and tribal art designs, I want my second tattoo to be a custom design which includes our names and our children’s names, somewhat intertwined into maybe a family crest. But I would need to consider the location of this new bodyart, have to make sure it’s on a part of my body that will not sag too much as the years go by.

One response to “A Father’s Love

  1. I like the photo with D flexing his muscles! 🙂

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