TJ’s Video Updates

Just realised that as TJ gets older, us parents are not so crazy about taking photos or videos of him at every given moment. Not sure why, maybe the novelty is wearing off.  😉

Although I must say, D is still the official PAPArazzi of this family whenever he takes shots of his son with his Canon 20D. He is currently waiting for his dream lens, the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM, to be in stock. Expensive but is a worthwhile investment since it will be used to capture lots of memories, or we can used the photos to embarrass the boy when he is older.

For me, taking videos, especially these less than 2.5 minutes ones, are much easier. Reason being the kid doesn’t stay still and when using my E71 or the idiot-proof digital camera to take photos, they always come out blur. I do have a proper Sony videocam, but taking it out, loading the DV tapes and finding a time to edit them, just doesn’t make sense when I can’t preempt what TJ does. Hence grainy MP4 format for those short couple minutes can still be tolerated.

We were invited for a Xmas dinner last year and my friend’s daughter, R and TJ had fun drumming away. Of course TJ was very wary of R, who held onto the drumstick. It was funny to see him scurry away in the last couple of seconds when R seemingly raised the drumstick at my peace-loving son.

I bought TJ this MPR-Elephant thing in the hope that would expose him to the wonderful Chinese language and make me speak to him in Mandarin even if it’s for about 10 minutes.  My colleague had recommended this gadget to me, and could get further discount as she was also ordering on behalf of her Prep-Year department.

The MPR is pricey at a discounted price of about HK$680 (think the usual price would be about HK$800) but the books and flashcards are cheap. I just bought two storybooks and two sets of flashcards. The flashcards are on Animals and Modes of Transportation, the latter I didn’t like as some of the words used are location-restricted and PRC colloquial.

For the flashcards, the MPR, with its inbuilt speaker, will read aloud the words in English and Chinese, and when it is placed on the picture, the MPR will also describe the picture further. So TJ likes hearing the sounds made by the various animals and vehicles.

TJ does this silly dance in his Tripp Trapp when he is in the mood for some craziness. It tickles me too, and I continue to encourage him even though I don’t know all the words to the Knick Knack song or sing in my not-Beyonce voice.

And TJ’s Kitchen … not sure if bathing Teddy in the sink is actually just prepping him up as the main ingredient.

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