Babe, I Will Be Here

Some mornings ago when D and I were taking the train on the way to work, D said to me that he knows he isn’t the most important person in my life now, and that position has been taken over by our son.

As much as I tried to refute it, I know he is right.

And D continued by saying that I am still the most important person in his life. When asked why, he said that’s because I am and will be able to take good care of his children.

Obviously it’s hard not to spend all that time and effort on the little one, cute and defenceless and forgetting that besides our current role as parents, we are first and foremost husband and wife. For years, we have put in the effort to make this relationship work and should continue to do so.

Surely I hope that we are not too caught up with bringing up our children and talking endlessly about them, that we forget we need to get back to the basics… Us.

So babe, sorry for neglecting you at times.

And too bad, I’m in your life for a long long time.

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