It’s Christmas Time

Time sure knows how to sneak up on you and before you know it, it’s already gone. Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and I feel somewhat more tolerant and loving towards other people.

Maybe it’s all the reminders we get from commercials, huge and brightly lit decorations in the malls, the general feeling of relief that the year is coming to an end and the hope that the new one will be better.

Particularly in HK, since it’s winter during this time of the year, it feels a lot more like Christmas  except that there isn’t any snow. But still, putting on thick jackets, scarves and beanies do make Christmas in HK feel alot like those in the West.

I decided not to organise any party or get-together this year and just wanted to enjoy this time with my two favourite boys. Besides we tend to lose the true meaning of Christmas when we busied ourselves with parties and gifts.

On Christmas Eve, we attended the 6pm church service, since this was the only service which provided childcare. And so we trotted off to church, TJ was doubly surprised to be dressed up around 4.30pm and was really excited when he realised we would be taking a bus and the train.

The Xmas Eve service reminded us of the first gift that God gave to us on that first Christmas Day and that we could wait on God with trust and thanksgiving knowing that He has already given us the BEST gift, Jesus.

Together with last Sunday’s sermon, D and I are once again reminded of God’s grace and reassured that our immediate future plans are still in His Hands.

And to remind myself of the gift that God has given us… As we walked towards the MTR station after the service, TJ wanted me to carry him. Soon after I picked him up and whispered “I love you” to his ears, TJ suddenly kissed me on my lips, turned away momentarily before kissing me again. This went on seven times and besides the shock of receiving so many kisses, I actually thought, “I don’t deserve it.” TJ beamed and this was the best Xmas gift ever.

D was amused by his son’s sudden outpouring of love. When TJ still didn’t want to walk when we were in the MTR station, I passed him over to D as the weight was bearing on my weak left knee. As I walked ahead of them, I heard D laughed behind me and found out from the very happy dad that TJ had kissed him 5 times on the lips. Oh well, I thought, I still had more kisses than D. 🙂

Apparently the score was tied as we walked back to our apartment. The boy had kissed his dad two more times.

On Christmas morning, TJ got to open two presents that we specially kept aside for Xmas day. I bought another Lights & Sounds Thomas (TJ already received the Lights & Sounds James couple of weeks back from me) and my helper got him a scale- model ATV/Rescue Dinghy (which makes an authentic engine startup sound) and more Thomas stickers.

Click on the photo slideshow here.

As part of the Tans’ Xmas tradition, I got a Playmobile Deep Sea Diver Figurine for TJ to give to D, so that TJ learns to give and not just receive.

Did I get anything? Nope and it’s ok.

It was a quiet Christmas that we spent at home… didn’t think it was necessary to splurge on Xmas meals and besides today was heavily polluted and smoggy. So it was a good thing we all stayed home and just chill.

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