Both D and I don’t really wear much headgear, although we do have a number of caps and my Aussie Outback Hat that I bought from a shop in the Blue Mountains back in 2005.

But with TJ, it’s a different story. Seems like little kids just look really cute in all kinds of hats and caps. He has a couple of beanies and numerous baseball caps, some of which he has already outgrew. I just think any cap or hat looks darn good on my lil’ fashionista son, though I can’t say the same for his father. Somehow, D just look odd in a cap, not sure why, but maybe cos he has a small head.

On Friday night, we attended this Sunnto product talk organised by PSAI at a cafe in Central and took TJ along with us. Of course TJ would not be able to sit through the entire duration of the talk, and after he got tired to playing with his toys and watched enough cartoons on D’s Zen player, I had to take him out for a walk. (Some pics here)

Fortunately for both of us, H&M is nearby. At first, my son refused to let me go into the store. He shook his head repeatedly and pulled me towards the side of the walkway so that he could watch the vehicles zip by.

But after a couple of minutes of that, I had enough of standing in the humid night and carried TJ into the cool confort of H&M. It was a real oasis for me, and TJ enjoyed playing hide and seek amongst the clothes rack while I made sure that I didn’t lose him. There wasn’t many customers on that level, so I didn’t mind letting TJ run off some of that energy as long as he didn’t get into trouble.

Obviously I couldn’t do any shopping but I entertained myself with putting on different types of caps on TJ and having him walk up and down the “runway”.

Newsboy 18 Sep 09I decided to buy the Flat Cap, since it is cheaper now and TJ didn’t mind having it on his head. Well … actually, it’s cos my dear Brad Pitt has been wearing these caps. 😉

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