Bedtime Stories

Well for now, TJ will not be telling the stories and making them come true like the movie with the same name (the one with Adam Sandler). That movie was quite a cute, happy ending kinda movie, not something that I will watch again and again though.

Anyway, “Dinosaur Roar” is TJ’s current favourite storybook (Many many thanks to Aunty Janis for good taste in booksalthough he still doesn’t quite fancy the Spider one yet).

I do enjoy this book, ‘cos it has such nice and colourful graphics, short phrases and nice rhymes too. When we first got the book, TJ didn’t quite fancy it and when I tried reading it, he would stop me.

Just before his bedtime, we would read a story or two and usually, TJ would be the one to choose the book for the night. Then one night, TJ picked out “Dinosaur Roar” and it has been his favourite book ever since. And I seriously dunno why he is so tickled by the first page, but his laughter and attentiveness make me willing to read this book night after night. I suppose it wouldn’t be long before I memorise all the words in the book, just like the ones in “The Hungry Caterpillar” (by Eric Carle) and “Goodnight Moon” (by Margaret Wise Brown). Incidentally these books were also gifts from Aunty Janis. 😉 You must be very pleased and proud of yourself after reading this.

I am not much of a storyteller, but I don’t think it matters much to my son. He gets a lil’ impatient if I dawdle too long on a particular page and so I can’t always describe other stuff on the page.

We have been reading to TJ since he was about 3 months old at different times of the day, but especially just before bedtime so that TJ knows that bedtime is drawing near. And since then, TJ knows the routine and spending this 5 minutes with him is something that I enjoy as much as him. Rarely have I missed a single night without reading to him, and if I really have to be out that night, D will read to him instead.

I sure hope that TJ loves reading, just like D and I, and this would hopefully transfer to good grades too. 😉

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