Crayola Graffiti

TJ prefers the markers than the crayons that I bought for him some months ago. I know this ‘cos the crayons are thrown all over the place and I suppose it’s cos the colours aren’t as bright as the markers.

I had previously taken the recycled A3 and A4 paper from school and had TJ sit on the floor to doodle, but realise he prefers to stand. Since there is no space for an easel at home, sticking those paper on the side of the bookshelf is the next best thing.

In fact, I actually congratulated myself for being a genius, coming up with ways to utilise our little abode.

Anyway, the boy doesn’t stay on this doodling activity for long, maybe 5 minutes or even less, but it’s a way to expose him to art. I am just glad that I bought these washable Crayola markers, cos TJ has a knack at getting the ink all over him and not just on his hands. Actually, between drawing with the Crayolas and singing, TJ prefers to sing… all kinds of cartoon theme songs he has been listening to while watching his cartoons. There isn’t any words, just the tunes, but it tickles us no less when TJ breaks out into a song. Makes our day really.

My son, the next American Idol?!?

2 responses to “Crayola Graffiti

  1. American Idol?!!!
    Hong Kee Idol Lah!!!
    *rolling on the floor*

  2. Eee… don’t want Hong Kee Idol… eeee

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