Lazy Days Are Here Again

The weather during these last few weeks has been pretty good, clear blue skies, light winds although it can get unbearably hot in the afternoons.

And since my summer hols have begun much earlier than expected, I have been taking advantage of this great summer weather to get back my tan. I would be at the pool at 12 noon (when TJ is napping), swim my laps, get fried for another 15 minutes before returning home. Besides that is also the only time when the pool isn’t too crowded, which makes it more relaxing for me to chill and read my book by the poolside.

Couple of mornings, I would take TJ out for a walk in the park or run some errands at the mall. It is way too hot for both of us to be out in the playground or park in the afternoons, hence the slight change in his usual routine.

Other mornings, we would be at the pool, just letting my son wade around in the kiddy pool and giving him the opportunity to figure out what to do when he loses his balance and falls facedown into the water. The first time it happened, I resisted picking him up immediately and was prepared to hear a big wail. Somehow, TJ lifted his face out of the water, his eyes were red cos of the chlorine and he seemed disoriented. But he didn’t squeek a single bit and continued playing, after getting a hug and some comforting words from me.

I didn’t wanna get him a ring float as I think it doesn’t help the kid to learn swimming the proper way. In fact with the float, the legs would be dangling downwards the whole time, which doesn’t teach the kid to lift up their legs behind them to kick. Instead D and I would lift TJ to a horizontal swimmer’s position and let him experience moving in the water “on his own” without depending on any flotation aid too much. The other day I got him these float rings which he tried last Sunday, but I think it will be some time before TJ knows how to utilise them.

As of now, I just want TJ to have a healthy fear of water, respect it and have an overall good experience in the pool.

The rest of the day would be spent just playing with TJ, watching Disney Playhouse channel, catching up on sleep and just doing nothing. 😉 It’s good my helper is around to manage the housework ‘cos I can concentrate on TJ and myself. However she would be going back home a week before we return to Sgp, which means I would be a housewife again for 7 days. 😉 Fortunately we stay in a small apartment.

TJ and I met up with A and her daughter E (they stay a few blocks away from us and her husband is D’s colleague) at Macs for breakfast, and it was really funny to see how these 2 kids react to each other. E is about 8 mths younger than TJ and she has always taken the initiative to get TJ’s attention.

TJ acknowledges her presence much more nowadays and doesn’t mind giving her a peck on her cheeks, but he reacts very strongly if E takes his stuff. 😉 Hmm, got to teach my son to be more gentlemanly.

A and I have also met up for some girls’ night out couple of times, which are a good opportunity for us to leave our babies with their fathers and just taking some time for ourselves. But when we are out shopping, we end up buying stuff for our children and when we are having our sangria or margaritas, we end up talking about our kids too. 😉 Haiz.

Another friend of mine has arranged for a playdate this coming Friday afternoon at her friend’s apartment. I am usually very lazy to take TJ out on these playdates, unless it’s within walking distance (like meeting A and her daughter), but since this friend has asked me a few times, I think I should not come across as being stuck up.

For now, it’s just lazing around with TJ and that is the best way to enjoy the hols.

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