Magrette Kupe’s Voyage

D’s recent hobby is on horology, especially in independent watchmakers.

Ever since his IWC Aquatimer Chronograph, D has been fascinated by the world of timepieces. Unfortunately, this can be a very expensive hobby, and since we don’t have that kind of cash, D has to be very selective.

I actually had an inkling that I would get a watch for my b’day, since D did let it slipped that he has something in mind for me. And that just a few days before my b’day, while we were having dinner, D held up my wrist and commented that my wrist is actually quite small. Ok, I took that as a compliment that my exercise routine has kinda paid off, but I also took that to be an obvious hint that I would get something that I could wear on my wrist.

A diamond bracelet, it would not be…

I actually thought that D would either be getting me a Panerai (Luminor GMT? Mariner?) or a Tag Heuer Monaco. Panerai watches are really expensive, at least HK$40k for a new watch, which is really overpriced. So I thought if he would to get this watch, it would most likely be a second hand one, which I don’t mind really… Well actually, I do at first, but seeing how well D does his research, I know he will be very careful and be very selective when it comes to purchasng a preowned watch. Just as long as it isn’t one of those watches that the Cortina guy stole and sold. 😉

Ah the Tag Heuer Monaco would be slightly cheaper, about HK$20k, but D would prefer the Gulf Limited Editon one, which also meant it would be exhorbitant.

Both our tastes happen to be quite alike, so we do wear one another’s watches. I suppose I find myself looking weird wearng those small face watches, and the ones for guys tend to look better on my small wrist. 😉

I spotted the big wooden box on the side table in the wee hours of my b’day morning, after my toilet break, but I was too sleepy to check it out. Few hours later, when I finally woke up to get ready for school, I scrutinised the box and found my b’day pressie wrapped up nicely in the handmade leather pouch.

D had found this independent watchmaker, Magrette,  from NZ and had ordered the Kupe’s Voyage for me. Besides the intricate Maori engraving all around the face of the watch, D asked the watchmaker to engrave a short lil’ message at the back of the watch. 

Love this present, it’s unique, useful and my first limited edition watch, the 8th out of 10 Kupe’s Voyage travelling around the world. Thanks D.

2 responses to “Magrette Kupe’s Voyage

  1. happy belated b’day! nice watch! can’t wait to see the piece when you are back 🙂

  2. PLs lah…talk so much abt watches but never say waht’s the little message engraved at the back?!!!
    Waste my time!!! SO ANTICLIMAX!!!

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