The Attack Of The Swines

The news broke last Thurs around 1pm that all primary schools, preschools, kindys & special schools would be closed for two weeks cos of H1N1. The main reason for this decision was that a local cluster was found in a local secondary school (which has since been closed) and these aren’t imported cases.  This move is said to be mainly political rather than medical, but I think it is better to be cautious than to have one young fatality who was infected while in school.

We have been expecting this for some time, and contingency plans were made especially if EMB decides to close schools just before the exams. Luckily, the kids had completed the Math papers (they only have their Science paper left) that day and they will only be back on the 26 Jun, provided this school closure isn’t extended.

Anyway, I still see many young kids out and about each morning when I am on my way to work. The whole idea of the school closure is to minimise the transmission of H1N1 among children by reducing the opportunities for young children to gather. I understand there are just so many things you can do at home, and for kids, it is harder. At that age, I wouldn’t want to stay at home 24/7 either, it is more fun to hang out with my friends in school. But everyone, especially parents, should take up the social responsibility in view of this unique situation. If the child is sick, see the doc and keep him/her at home for the time being.

I have been back in school everyday to plan work for the kids to do on the e-learning portal during these 2 weeks of unexpected holidays, various meetings and making sure all markings have been done accurately. The last task took up most of my eyes and brain power, rendered me mentally exhausted on on Tuesday.

Fortunately we were given a day-off today, which I basically used to chill as much as possible, while spending waking moments with TJ. I had my very rare 2.5h nap, which I took that coincided with TJ’s mid-morning nap and my helper fed and entertained TJ for a while more until I decided I needed to pee. 😉 Yeah, otherwise I would have continued to sleep. LOL

After that, I took TJ to the park to chase down some butterflies, and basically just let him run off some of that toddler energy. It was a hot afternoon, the weeklong thunderstorms had passed, and it was good to get some Vit D. And just before TJ had his 2nd nap, I went to the pool for a swim and read a few pages of Tolkien’s “The Children of Hurin”. Incidentally, I had thought about taking TJ to the pool earlier in the morning, but after reading what happened to my good friend’s daughter at the Sentosa resort, I balked. Besides jostling for space in the small wading pool with inconsiderate  “Buay Zi Dong” parents & kids aren’t my idea of fun for TJ. I am thinking if I do take him to the pool, it would have to be very early on Tues morning, since the lifeguards close and clean the pool on Monday.

I am hoping this Swiney problem will not worsen, it seems to me that the fear of getting the virus is more scary than actually getting it. So D and I have been praying for good health, especially for TJ. We try to stay away from crowded places, but there is still the need to have some semblance of normal everyday life. We can’t go through this period living in isolation either, and that’s why TJ still attends his weekly playgym class but we scrutinise the parents and their toddlers even more nowadays. If we see anyone with a running nose, TJ will not attend the class.

The stats so far:
171 confirmed H1N1 cases in HK since the 1st case was diagnosed on 1 May
The youngest is a 10-mth-old baby girl.

Daily updates on the Centre for Health Protection (HK)

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  1. I feel like crying…sob sob….

    My status is now elevated to “good friend”….so what AFI to go one notch up to “best friend” ? muahahhahaha… :))))

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