I decided it was time to get the pros to trim TJ’s hair. I have been doing that for the longest time, but it was hard to trim his long fringe and sides short without making TJ look stoopid. I managed to do that a couple of times already, and luckily, TJ doesn’t have much of a self image now, so I could get away with it. But the father of my child would gripe about it until TJ’s hair grow to a respectable length again.

The other reason why he had to go for a haircut is ‘cos the weather is getting warmer. Winter is over, Spring is here for just a while and soon, the heat will descend upon us. And TJ heats up so easily and perspires so much when it is slightly warmer than usual. He would then begin pulling his ears and the hair on his sides, and his wet hair will be plastered all over his head.

After his Lil’ Gym lesson on Saturday, we dropped by at the shop near our apartment for a HK$69 haircut. I had to hold his head in place tho’, and for a long time, he was cooperative. TJ was curious but didn’t really bother with the scissors or the young lady cutting his hair. But towards the end, TJ had a  meltdown and didn’t understand why he couldn’t get out of the car, why mummy and daddy had to hold down his hands and head, why this haircut was going on forever. D thinks if TJ’s hair was shorter, the haircut would have taken a shorter time and his patience would have lasted.

After the lil’ ruckus, I bathed him a second time (had to wash his hair rite?!?) and TJ was in a better mood, especially when he got the chance to play with D’s Blackberry and pretend to be daddy.

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