HK Disneyland (Fri 17 Apr)

We finally think that TJ is old enough to appreciate Disneyland, and also to give HK Disneyland some months to iron out whatever teething problems they had initially. This isn’t the kinda place that we would think of going at first thought, it’s like we would plan way in advance to go diving or climbing, but definitely not Disney, Ocean Park or any of the touristy spots.

Things change, priorities change when we have a kid.

It’s true that HK Disneyland is really small in size. Well, I haven’t been to the original ones in USA (lucky husband of mine, he had been to Disneyland @ LA years ago) or its branches in Tokyo and Paris. I could actually walk through HK Disneyland in about 2 hours if I didn’t queue up for any rides or shows. It will be even faster  if TJ wasn’t with me.

Anyway, it was quite a good day, warm and clear blue skies. The three of us had a blast, just taking our own time to take in the sights, sounds and magic of Disney. TJ obviously had loads of fun just walking, running and stumbling on the tiled paths, and getting excited when he saw the bubble machine and fountain.

At Tomorrowland, we took some photos with Tigger and Goofy. TJ was excited and happy to see Tigger, kept pointing at the black and orange costumed person and tried to say its name after me. I suppose TJ remembers Tigger cos of all those “My Friends Tigger and Pooh” cartoons that he has been watching. Incidentally while we were in the queue for Mickey, TJ kept shaking his head and fussing, and only stopped when we left. Guess, he doesn’t like rodents. The queue for Goofy was the shortest and I decided to give it a try. If TJ fussed again, it just meant that he was really tired, but he didn’t. Although he wasn’t as excited to see Goofy, he didn’t react that drastically and we managed to take couple more photos.

The only ride we did was the Jungle River Cruise at Adventureland, by then, TJ had fallen asleep and D carried him while I took over as the cameraman. Right after the short cruise and much difficulty in understanding the English speaking HK guide, we had a short coffee break before making our way to Main Street for the Disney Parade. Somehow I managed to find a good spot on the kerb to sit down, while TJ continued to nap in his stroller.

The parade starts at 3.30pm daily and it was all good fun for that 20-odd minutes. I got pissed with some of these PRC tourists who don’t understand that the stroller handlebar isn’t a elbow or hand rest, and that pushing into my sleeping son’s stroller just cos you want to take that silly photo or video makes me see red. I did tell some of them to stop whatever they were doing, and when I saw the front wheels moved a tad bit forward, I purposely pushed the stroller back even more. Guess I had rammed into their tummies quite a few times. My son slept through most of the parade (a good one and a half hour nap) and woke up only when the main Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and  Daisy) arrived. 

Photo Slideshow here.

By then we were all tired, hot and decided to make our way home. Not before I went to the gift shop to get some stuff and bought 2 tops for my helper’s son and daughter, a yellow “My Friends Tigger & Pooh” shirt for TJ and a Disney pin with the “Tan” surname on it. Most importantly we all had fun. I told D that we would come again just before we go back to Sgp, TJ would be older and we could do more rides by then. And, maybe when our two kids are older, we could aim to go to Disney World in US.

One response to “HK Disneyland (Fri 17 Apr)

  1. Wah,…is the place really so small? Well, at least it looks big to TJ…heheh…kids these days are so lucky…they get to go disney before they even go school…I only went to disney when I was 32!!!

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