Food Critic

Now that TJ has his Tripp Trapp, mealtimes have been quite interesting and noisier. TJ is still not talking in English, we suspect he is speaking Korean and he seems to think we actually understand him.

TJ is able to understand the concept of gravity now, so I have been making sure he only “plays” with dried foodstuff like his ubiquitous Cheerios or bread and use plastic utensils so that he doesn’t throw it or crack the glass tabletop.

 TJ is on a higher vantage point now and realise that there are more things on the table for him to get his hands on, so I have to make sure only “safe for TJ” stuff are within his reach.

TJ has a larger “workspace” now unlike his Combi stroller/highchair days when he has none, and he would insist on doodling on the notebook I use to record his milk/solids intake, naptimes etc.

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