“Raising Boys” on the Tripp Trapp

In two days this week, I had purchased two items off the Asiaxpat Classifieds site. This is basically a buying & selling portal, mainly 2nd hand stuff, but generally good quality and lots of variety. Maybe it’s cos of the big expat population here in HK who don’t mind getting rid of their pricey, European brand stuff  at a low price, or maybe it’s cos local Hongkongers like to keep up with the latest gadget/model/style/fashion etc and would put their not too outdated stuff for sale. D and I love this site, and will miss it a great deal when we return to Sgp.

Anyway I had wanted to read Steve Biddulph’s “Raising Boys” for awhile, but couldn’t bring myself to spend more than HK$100 on the book. So last weekend on my regular visits to Asiaxpat, I found someone selling the book for HK$70 and immediately PM the seller, made the arrangements to meet her and collected the book 0n Monday after work.

This is an easy book to read, written in simple prose which has none of those medical/psychological jargon. It kinda makes sense to me why some of my boys in class act up in a certain way, and gives me a preview of how my son will evolve in the years to come. Good book so far, I am trying to finish it asap so as to pass the book to D.

I had withheld buying a highchair for TJ cos my eyes and mind were fixed on the Stokke Tripp Trapp. My poor son had to make do with his Combi stroller since six months old, gosh he had been fed lunch and dinner from the stoller/pseudo highchair for a year. All cos mummy just didn’t want to get any other highchairs… it MUST be the Tripp Trapp.

Anyway a new Tripp Trapp costs HK$2805 not inclusive of the accessories (i.e. Seating rail, crotch strap & cushions which I read somewhere that would all add up to HK4k). I know I could buy the simple Ikea one, but I also know that would not stop me from thinking of the Tripp Trapp and getting my hands on one. 😉

Don’t ask me to explain why I like the Tripp Trapp. It’s the design I suppose, and that the lifespan of this chair can extend till the kid is in his teens.  I am not sure if TJ woud still wanna sit in that chair at that old age, but I suppose  TJ must could sit in the Tripp Trapp for as long as possible and my 2nd kid can still get to use it anyway. Ok, the real reason is I am a sucker for cool design stuff. *Still thinking of the Eames Chair* 😉

My emotional side kept egging me to get the Tripp Trapp from Mothercare and I always ALWAYS will run my hand over the chair whenever I am at the outlet. But my rational side will stop me from marching up to the salesperson and pay for a new one. So it was back to religiously checking out the items on sale at Asiaxpat and hoping, praying, that someone would put a Tripp Trapp for sale.

There were a couple of possible sellers but they didn’t reply to my PMs. And whilst I had all but given up hope, I saw the ad about the same time as the ad for “Raising Boys”. The Tripp Trapp was a month old, all accessories included (I was hoping the harness would be included but the seller didn’t have it) and later on, I found out she has TWO Tripp Trapps and this one that she was letting go had been in her bedroom. The price… HK$1.8k. Within my budget leh. (Oh, Must mention that couple of weeks back, another seller put up her old Tripp Trapp for $450 without accessories, she had used it for 3 kids and I was hoping to get that one cos it was so cheap.)

I didn’t think she would reply, cos Tripp Trapps are very hot items on Asiaxpat. These are rarely sold and when one is up for sale, it is snatched up really quickly. Well, I got the chair and collected it on Wednesday evening. The seller was worried I would default on the sale, and reminded me a few times there were 6 other enquiries but I was the first one to PM her.

When I carried the chair into the apartment, TJ was in the midst of his dinner and was immediately curious, pointing at it and blabbering away. He got out of his Combi and made his way to the Tripp Trapp, but as I wanted to give it a Chlorox wipedown before he touched it, TJ was taken away by my helper. And he wasn’t happy about it.

But it didn’t take him long for his mood to change, and seeing him on this chair, I am not sure why I felt a sense of pride. I suppose my life priorities have changed so much since having a kid, that simple things like getting a designer chair for a lil’ humanoid, the knowledge that my boy finally has a decent chair to sit on for his meals and seeing that he enjoys this new experience can excite me so much. 

But now, I have to be careful that TJ doesn’t do the same thing with his Tripp Trapp like this other  lil’ boy…

2 responses to ““Raising Boys” on the Tripp Trapp

  1. Wah….so expensive taste leh…mummy….
    In that case why didnt you get the stroller instead….at least go out makan can convert into a high chair as well….then no need to clean clean clean outside high chairs like mad….like me….i always like the frantic obessive cleaning mum “scrubbing” high chairs outside b4 my princess bum can sit on it….and then I’ll clean the bars, the straps and then my hands…oh yes, i wipe dry with tissues sometimes cos baby wipes huh…wet….so yah….after saying so much,,, i seriously think u should get the stokke high chair….REALLY. I’m at the end of the tunnel…so no point….you still can use it for a good many many years….till they’re teenagers!!! Brahahaha…..honestly, why would they still want to sit on that!!! by the time TJ is 5, he’ll tell u it’s for BABY…heheh. But it’s nice, I like the colour ones. And yes…you SHOULD get the stroller. And if u do, I’ll put Shayna in it so I can take a photo for remembrance and then show off to EVERYONE that I BOUGHT a stokke stroller. Hmmm. Good thought. I think I type a little too long….I’m really sick…talk again.

  2. Expensive taste yes, but don’t mind getting good quality 2nd hand either. Yah, I thought the Stokke Xplory (stroller) looks really cool, but too heavy if I wanna bring it out on my own without D lah. Like you, I would clean the every inch of the highchairs at the cafes/restaurants b4 plonking TJ onto the seat ;p. Actually D also cleans the Combi stroller each time we take it out, wheels, the front rails, the seat, the sun cover … every inch of it. 😉

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