Cheerios Fan

Since his difficult teething episode last month, TJ hasn’t been an easy kid when it comes to mealtimes. Before, he would obediently finish his porridge within 20 minutes and didn’t care if it was bland or not. My plan is to keep him off any salt or seasoning for as long as possible and after he turns 2, I could slowly introduce it.

When I realised TJ didn’t want to eat his porridge even when he was teething (with 2 ulcers and tender gums that sometimes bled), I decided to revamp his menu to include the Alphabet pasta, stirfry his minced meat with spinach and mushroom in extra virgin olive oil, or steam fish with a sliver of ginger and shitake etc. All these done without any additional seasoning. For awhile, His Royal Highness seemed to enjoy the new tastes and ate it all.

But in the last couple of weeks, TJ would only open his mouth for the spoon if he sees the lil’ round Cheerio right on top of the rice or pasta. Sometimes my helper or I would not give him the Cheerios and TJ would be upset and gesture for it until he sees us placing the Cheerios on the spoon.

TJ also doesn’t quite like his usual snack of bread and the Laughing Cow cheese anymore and would only eat it if I stuff the Cheerios into the cheese.

I suppose I should insist that TJ doesn’t eat his food in this way, but I think it is a win-win situation for TJ and I. Afterall he finishes his dinner, Cheerios are nutritious and mealtimes will not be World War III.

As of now, the food that he would finish without any Cheerios are banana pancakes and fried eggs. The latter is something he is only eating once a week and pancakes maybe twice a month.

Not sure if TJ would outgrow this phase though, but I am just stocking up on Cheerios in the meantime. I have that too for breakfast anyway.

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