At The Theatre

Within 3 days, I had watched two movies.

D and I caught Watchmen at the Megabox IMAX theatre on Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed the show (Dr Manhattan’s ripped physique, uhhmmm manhood and God-like blue aura looked really good on IMAX 😉 ) and am keeping a lookout for the graphic novels. The movie has a bit of everything for everyone, not the kids tho’ since it has a Category III rating. Action packed, blood and gore, sound and visual effects for the guys, two sex scenes for the guys, and of course Dr Manhattan for the girls. 😉

Since I haven’t read the graphic novel, I can’t really comment on how well the director Zack Synder (same guy who did 300) did. But this isn’t your typical superhero movies like Superman, X-Men or Spiderman. In fact, some interesting concepts came up. Wouldn’t a superhero, living in a flawed world, be without any flaws himself? Would a  superhero with god-like powers still be able to understand what it means to be human? The sacrifice of a few (even if it’s a few millions) to save the billions.  I heard that some people don’t like the movie… Whatever. I enjoyed it.

For those who are into Physics of  superheroes…

And this morning, when I got to school, my colleagues asked if I wanna watched this year’s Oscar Best Foreign Language movie “Departures” later in the afternoon. Even tho’ I was nursing a thumping headache (cos of the late nights to finish up the darn Math SA2 papers), I decided to join them.

It’s a Japanese movie, with English & Chinese subtitles and it’s very good. Incredibly simple story with death being shown in a dignified and respectful manner. Oh, it’s such a heavy movie on a Monday and I cried a few times during the show.

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