Random Blabber

I haven’t had the urge to blog since my last entry, just one of those “no inspiration and no time” situation. Besides, I know I shouldn’t write if I can’t get past reading my first line and absolutely bored even before I start.

Hmm, is my life so boring now?!?

We were at the YMCA Indoor Climbing gym today. A climbing buddy of ours had asked D a few times to climb and told D that he wanted to see our son. We dropped by the gym after TJ’s lunch, and well, I decided to babysit TJ while D climbed with our friend. TJ enjoyed himself, playing with the dangling ropes, observing the other climbers and chasing after the rolling tape. At some point in TJ’s life, we would introduce him to climbing and see if he would take to it. And well, if he doesn’t, there is always scuba or motorcross. D did lots of climbing, or rather, tried to climb. But seriously, like any sports, once you stopped doing it for some time, you get rusty, skills seems to be lost, and movements awkward. I love this sport, but there is absolutely no way I can find 3 days a week  to climb anymore. And neither can D, he has lessons 3 days a week as he is doing a Postgrad diploma and thereafter Masters.

So we just try whenever we can, but it’s definitely easier to climb if TJ isn’t around. Less distraction and less chasing down the Duracell Bunny.

Actually, the main reason was my whole body is still wrecked with aches and pains after my gym session the previous day. It’s been awhile since I last went to the gym, and reckoned I should since the bloody last 4 kg is so difficult to get rid of. D feels I should get down to my pre-pregnancy weight before we have our 2nd kid. So far, I am happy that I have lost most of it, but I am getting pissed with the last 4 kg. And now that my usual twice a week physio sessions are over and that the doc says it’s ok to go to the gym, this meant I can find another weekday to exercise. I actually thought about signing up some private training classes with either a boxing/Mixed Martial Art school or Muay Thai instructor,  cos high intensity cardio workout like this should help me get rid of the 4 kg. But it’s way too ex and I will just stick to going to the gym at the clubhouse instead, and keeping to my low-carb diet.

I usually make dinner on Saturdays, and it just so happen that Valentine’s Day fell on a Saturday. It’s been awhile since we had steak so I cooked the Angus Rib Eye and Striploin that I had bought from Citysuper on Friday night. Both slabs were just seasoned with black pepper, salt and cooked on a butter greased pan. I like my steak kinda medium rare while D prefers it more cooked, but still pink in the centre. Very difficult leh… cos I had forgotten the cooking time for that kinda pink-in-the-centre steak, so I had to cook it for another 2 minutes after D cut a piece and commented that he would laosai (Hokkien for diarrhoea) if he ate it. Fortunately for him, I hadn’t washed the pan yet… thought I would leave all the dishes for him to wash instead.

As for the side dishes, I made mash potatoes and my microwaved sliced mushrooms with tomatoes in olive oil, seasoned with Peri Peri, Cajun and black pepper. The gravy was good for the mash potatoes anyway and that also meant I didn’t have to fry any other dishes except to concentrate on those slabs of meat. And we washed down all that food with a bottle of Argentinian red wine (BenMarco). Nothing else happened after that, I went to bed earlier than usual, tired and intoxicated. 😉

And to put it on record (D, take note and remember what we agreed on last night), we aim to return to Mauritius on our 10th year anniversary (without the kids), and that’s in 3 years’ time.

I was surfing the net and came across this cool Aussie site selling designer chairs for the little ones (for 2-12 year olds and a 40kg weight limit). Haiz, I love the Eames Chair (so comfy) and think Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair is cute.  TJ got the chance to sit on the Eames and we both tried the Ball Chair before, but it will be a blast to have the same pieces for the little ones. 😉 Wonder if the company will ship to HK or Sgp?!?

I seriously think my life is so boring now cos I have to set Decimals worksheets and the SA2 Math papers. And I can’t seem to get on with it and be done with them.

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