We Went To The Zoo (27 Jan 09)

We decided some time ago to visit the zoo with TJ when we have the opportunity. Since we were back in Sgp for the CNY, we reckoned we would make the trip on the 2nd day of CNY, thinking that there wouldn’t be many people on that day, but I was so very wrong.

Still it was a nice morning and the company was good. I had a wonderful and sweet helper walking with me and pushing my stroller while TJ snoozed after a long fight to stay awake.

I am unsure how much of the zoo did TJ understand, but I reckon it was good for him to be out in the open, see and hear the sights and sounds of the outdoors. TJ was more interested in walking around but we were too close to the lions enclosure. 😉 There is a new water playground at the Kidzworld which is lots of fun for kids. We didn’t bring TJ’s swim wear that day, but I still took my son to touch the water spouts and step onto the inch deep water. I had to hold on tight to him cos TJ was getting excited and wouldn’t care if he was utterly wet. Will KIV this for the next trip, but on a normal weekday, hopefully it will be less crowded.

I found out something new about D that day… this was his first trip in 23 years (gosh, so long ago) and that he used to volunteer for the Friends of the Zoo programme. I teased D that he became a volunteer ‘cos he had no girlfriends then (I was right), especially since he had to “sacrifice” his weekends and spend his own money and time to travel on the public bus from Sgn Gdns to Mandai. Can’t quite remember what his task was, think it was something to do with holding the orangutan while tourists got their Kodak moments.

The rest of the photos can be found here.

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