last Saturday afternoon (eve of Chinese New Year Eve) while eating cheese and kosong roti prata and sipping on iced teh at AMK Hub.

Boy:   Mum, Thursday no school… E-learning Day

Mum: You sure no school? (Repeat many times)

Boy:  Yah, no school… E-learning Day (Also repeat many times)

Mum: But how come I didn’t receive any letter from your school. You sure you are not lying to me? (Voice is slightly raised)

Boy:  No, teacher really says no school. We are using Lead.com for E-Learning Day.

Mum: But we don’t have Internet, how are you going to do e-learning? (Becoming louder and sharper)

Boy:   But we have computer at home what? (With all innocence)

Mum: Yes, we have computer but we don’t have Internet. You need Internet to go to Lead.com and now how to find someone to install Internet? No one working now, how are you going to do your e-learning?

Boy:   ….

Somewhere during that conversation, I had to talk to D about some mindless thing so that I didn’t burst out laughing at this mum and son. D, who was facing the young boy (primary school kid), told me later that he looked embarrassed and kept quiet. Then something else was discussed right after that.

Mum: I forgot to call your teacher about the swimming lessons. Remember to tell your teacher that you know how to swim.

Boy  : I know, but I am not learning how to swim, I am learning lifesaving.

Mum: Yes, but you must still remind your teacher. So lifesaving is like the lifeguard course is it?

Boy: No, I am learning to save lives.

I must say the boy was still polite throughout this exchange with his mum and it was kinda funny to hear how he tried his darnest to make his mum understand. I ended up spending 30 cents on a pack of tissue cos I found it hard to stifle my laughter and didn’t think it was polite to laugh out loud in front of them.

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