Sick, Stiff, Pain

D was down with sore throat and the sniffles early this week and a part of me was hoping that TJ wouldn’t get the virus from his papa. For a few days, things were going well, TJ was in his usual crazy active self while D tried to “avoid” his son but it’s hard to do so in our small apt.

Unfortunately, TJ kanna fever on Thursday. Our helper was vigilant and notified us early in the day that TJ seemed to be hotter than usual and continued to take his temperature and update us throughout the day. When we left for work that morning, it didn’t feel like he was feverish, but as the day progressed, his fever kinda hovered around 38.5 degrees C. and at one point, his fever peaked at 38.9 degrees. Although he was feverish, TJ was still able to play and had his appetite intact for his porridge, but it was a different story when it came to his milk. He would just drink a couple of ounces and refused the rest. By evening, TJ was becoming more tired and grumpy and I decided to give him some fever meds to help him sleep better. In fact, he was looking so zonked that he just fell asleep once he was in his cot.

The next day, his fever went down but stayed around 37.5 degrees. That afternoon, I gave him another dose before his nap and it seemed to do him a lot more good. But later in the night, TJ became more clingy than usual, cried and woke up more frequently. We didn’t know what was bothering him and simply tried to make him feel better but still he complained, cried and whined.  Since TJ was up and it was more than 6 hours since the last dose, we gave him another dose and took turns to keep TJ company whle he slept.

That was also the night when I received a SMS from my brother who informed me of my granny’s passing. She had been admitted to the hospital a week ago and passed away in her sleep on Thursday evening. My bro had sent sms to D’s HK mobile but had forgotten to include the area code, and wondered why we didn’t respond to his message. He decided to send another SMS to D’s SGP mobile instead on Friday night and at that time when D read the msg to me, I had just calmed TJ down and finally got him to sleep in my arms. There was a dull pain and I could only call my mum after I settled TJ back in his cot. My mum told me that we need not go back to SGP for the wake, I suppose she knows it’s kinda difficult. Actually it’s not, we could go back but it is hard to get air tics now, since this is the peak Xmas period. But we can’t go anywhere now since TJ is ill. D mentioned that I return to Sgp on my own instead, but I told him I would do that if TJ wasn’t ill, but it’s near impossible for me to fly off knowing that TJ is ill. I will be worried sick. So I will mourn and think of my granny here, and hopefully relatives who can get too political will not think of me as a horrible person for not making the trip.

I had thought that TJ would sleep till after 8am the next morning, since he was up so many times the night before, but that boy decided he had enough sleep and woke up just before 7am. Now, I wasn’t very happy or lucid at that time since I was up a few times  the night before to check on him.  TJ probably had woke up on the wrong side of his cot cos he was crying and being very frustrated. I wasn’t in the mood to figure out what was eating him, and got a lil’ irritated with all his venting. Just as sudden, TJ stopped all his nonsense and started blabbering to me. And it was only then I realised he didn’t feel feverish anymore and confirmed that his temperature is back to normal.

Even though TJ seemed well today, D and I still decided not to attend today’s Lil’ Gym lesson and kept him home to rest. Maybe he wanted to make up for lost time while he was ill, TJ didn’t want to take his mid-morning nap and finally konked out at 1pm. This also gave D and I the opportunity to go out for brunch at First Cup and talked about some matters.

And by the way, I am still recuperating from my knee op, a matter that my parents do not know about. As much as I know I shouldn’t be carrying TJ, it’s near impossible not to. One, he is too cute 😉 and two, I am his “comfort blankie” mum. Although I have been given that 24-day MC, I had only taken 4 days. I decided to “rough” it out in school since this was a short school week and looked forward resting during this Xmas break (20 Dec to 4 Jan 09). Anyway, the knee is still stiff cos of the swelling where the meniscus was removed, but it is  getting better. But silly me had strained it a tad bit too much today cos I had to kinda run after a bus. It’s kinda throbbing now, and I need to give myself time to heal and not rush it.

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