Park Jalan

Now that TJ is more confident and walking better, even though he still wants to hold our hands while walking around in circles, I reckon we should go for a short walkabout at the park just outside our block. Anyway, I was getting tired of malls and didn’t fancy weaving in and out of the human traffic, hence the park was a good idea last Sunday.

Temperatures had dropped quite abit last week and going anywhere required more layers. Quite troublesome if you ask me, compared to summer fashion. I had bought TJ a new beanie from Mothercare couple of weeks back, and each time I put it on him, TJ would take it off. This time round at the park jalan, TJ had it on his head the whole time. I suppose he was just too distracted by all the sights and sounds to even realise something is on his head, or maybe he realised having his head nice and warm is not a bad thing afterall.

We had tea and sandwich at the nearby cafe, bought some stuff from the supermarket and walked around in the park before returning home. D and I took turns to hold TJ’s hands and have him walk alongside us, and he was really excited to see the green shrubs, the white pigeons and the cyclists which zipped by. Dunno how much learning he did that day, but I reckoned he enjoyed himself and so did we. In fact, TJ was tired out that evening and slept thru’ the night. 😉 It was a good Sunday, simple and relaxing.

One response to “Park Jalan

  1. WOW!!! He can walk so steady!!!!

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