TJ’s New Enclosure

I bought a 2nd hand Babydan Playpen two weeks ago from an angmoh lady who had advertised on the Asiaxpat Classified site. Love this site, lots of things to buy especially Baby Stuff and good ones too since angmohs here tend to buy those branded ones, realise they don’t use it anymore and sell it a a low price. A new Babydan Playpen from Mothercare or Bumps To Babes would have cost about HK$1300 (S$300). Wondering if a new one cost as much in S’pore.

According to her ad, she had used it for about 3 months and was selling it at HK$400 (S$78). I had my mind set on getting a Babydan since we are going to bring TJ’s playpen/bassinet, which he had used since birth, back home to Sgp next Jan (so that he doesn’t sleep on the floor like what my mum had suggested). This playpen/bassinet has been in our living room for a few months now and I need an alternative, a safe place here in our HK apt, to “park” my son if I need to be away from him. Anyway I picked it up from her place and the cab fare came up to HK$200 (‘cos the seller stays so far away). So in total I paid abt S$120 for the whole thing.

When I was at the seller’s apt, I remembered thinking, “This Babydan, quite small leh.” But when I got home and after D helped to fix it up, the playpen seems to have “grown” bigger in our living room. Haiz, our apt is so much smaller lor.

I know there are cheaper alternatives to the Babydan, but since I am a sucker for good design and gadgets (looking for a 2nd hand Tripp Trapp Highchair), it’s hard for me to look at the other playpens and regret later for not getting the Babydan. So it was just as well the price was within my budget even after including the exhorbitant cab fare.

TJ quite enjoys his new playpen, and doesn’t mind playing inside his “cage” but don’t expect him to stay in there for more than 10 minutes. He would first get our attention by calling us, and if we still don’t go to him and open the gate, TJ would throw his toys over the top of the Babydan. A few times, he tried to heave the heavy toys over but couldn’t… this boy still doesn’t know his limits yet.

Somehow he figured out the purpose of the gate. Maybe it is his reflex that causes him to open and close the gate, and we kept repeating the two verbs every time he does the actions, so that kinda reinforced the behaviour. Now I am thinking when we return to Sgp, we could use the Babydan as an enclosure only for our dog cos D reckons the cat will just climb over or squeeze between the bars.

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