Cheeky Monkey Part Deux

TJ goes crazy when playing “catching” with Daddy. And he thinks our dining table and chairs are part of his obstacle course.

When TJ wants to play, he would scamper very quickly on his fours before suddenly coming to a stop and turn around to check if Daddy has got the hint. When he realised that Daddy is going to start the game of catch, TJ would take off again, usually round and round the dining table while D ambushed him in the opposite direction. This will then trigger off some huge laughter from both boys, and TJ would try to throw D off his tracks by “bolting” away or hide behind some chairs. D will then make funny noises to “scare” TJ, who would by now be so happy that sometimes we think he may choke on his laughter or puke his dinner out. 😉

Well, at times I feel kinda disappointed that I don’t tickle him as much as D, which seems to come so easily for him. D is TJ’s favourite playmate while I am the person he will go to for comfort and snuggles. So when TJ cries at night, he would be calling for me and would only calm down right away when I hold him. D could calm him down, but it would take forever. 😉 I am thinking, this would be a problem when I am in the hospital for the overnight stay next week.

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