The name came up one day when TJ wasn’t in his cooperative mood as I struggled to put on his shoes while the boy struggled to get away.

Before TJ was born, I had my eyes set on getting him his first pair of Adidas or Nikes. I reckon that will make him look both cool and cute. But after reading articles on buying first shoes for one-year-olds, I decided to look for shoes specially made for the young feet. When we were home in Jul, my mum and MIL had given us money as TJ”s 1st b’day gift and reminded us to buy him his first pair of shoes, dunno what is the meaning behind a kid’s first shoes but it’s always good fun to go shopping for TJ. 😉

So I “hunted” around fashion-conscious HK and found “Little Barefeet“. After TJ’s playgym session at The Little Gym, we went to Central and tried to locate the shop. Unlike stores in S’pore which are mainly housed in malls, neighbourhood shopping centres or basically on street level, those in HK can be found anywhere… above ground, underground, factories and high up in some obscure buildings. Good buys are always there, and it pays to be persistent, careful and a good sense of direction. 😉 That day, I had forgotten to bring along the map that I had printed and we reckoned we couldn’t go wrong with D’s GPS on his new Blackberry Bold. Unfortunately the hi-tech navigation thing didn’t work on that overcast day, too much cloud cover(???)

Still we managed to find the store, without either D or I getting into any argument ;). I had intended to just buy ONE pair of shoes for TJ and had already decided on his namesake shoes from Pediped. But the very clever sales lady tempted me with the package deal of HK$499 if I buy two pairs of shoes (which if bought separately would have cost me close to HK$600).

Haiz, if I hadn’t seen anything else I like, I wouldn’t have been tempted but I thought of many reasons… that this was quite a good bargain, TJ would need another more casual pair, the shoes all look so kweeeute. Ok, the truth is I fell for the Psycho-The-Customer 101.

So I chose another pair, Jack and Lily’s Cream/Navy Trainers , and had TJ tried both pairs before deciding on the size. Knowing how these lil’ “Hobbits” outgrow their shoes, I decided on a 12-18 months size for Jack and Lily one (since TJ would most likely wear that more often) and a 18-24 mths size for his brown Tylers.

When I bought the shoes for TJ, he had just learnt to stand while holding onto something. Now, he could kinda walk/stumble holding our hands and these shoes are becoming more useful. Seems to me that he walks better in his Jack and Lily’s Trainers since the size is pretty much close to what he is at this time.

Today, we visited a friend who had just given birth to her pretty lil’ princess. As I carried TJ while looking at the new baby, it kinda made me wonder where did all that time go? I realised that my son is now 14 months old, and all the things that my friend, who is a one-week-old mum, mentioned this afternoon sound so familiar. 😉

And before we left, I put on TJ’s trainers while he was seated on his papa’s lap, and I felt kinda sad that my baby is indeed growing up ‘cos before I know it, my Cinderfella will outgrow these shoes and find the right ones that will define him as a person and allow him to stand on his own two feet. And hopefully by then, D and I would be able to give each other a pat on our back for a job well done and retire happily everafter on some far flung island.

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