Waiting For Storm

My Nokia N80 has been acting very weird recently, some of the navigation buttons (down, left, right and “Cancel”) don’t work when I use my keypad. This makes it rather frustrating since I have to slide the phone back to its original position in order to make changes or choose another function. I love my N80, it takes much better photos & videos than most other phones, compared to those in the same generation, and well, I am a Nokia fan. Oh, and I bought this phone in 2006 on D’s birthday, a gift for myself ;), so it has some kinda value to me.

D did want to get me the iPhone when it first came out, it was tempting and sweet of him, but I stayed loyal to my N80. Afterall I didn’t think the iPhone (the first one) was that great and besides I never buy 1st generation stuff… reckon there will be bugs.

But, but, I am so hoping my N80 will stay alive till this phone is released in HK. It is similar to the iPhone, but I like the techy gadgetry gizmozy look and is just so darn cool. D has been a Blackberry user since I dunno how long ago , from the very first simple straightforward blue one (I always wonder why RIM didn’t call it BLUEberry instead, and maybe if they do release a pink one to break into the cutey lil’ gals market, they should call it STRAWBERRY 😉 ) to the latest Bold.

D says Storm will be coming, maybe 1st quarter of 2009.

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