@ Frying Pan, Wanchai

It’s been awhile since we last went to the Frying Pan for brunch, so we went there after TJ’s Little Gym session and the quick Creative Zen X-Fi 16 Gb MP3 player purchase that D made at the Wanchai Computer Mall (his Zen Vision M has “died” on him and he refuses to be an iPod user).

While TJ had his nap, which started while his daddy was talking to the salesman about the MP3 player, D and I took our time to enjoy our food. Not that we mind if TJ was awake during our meals, but it’s definitely easier to eat with both hands and do it in a leisurely manner while he is asleep. Funny D and I didn’t really talk much during that meal, he was reading his book while I was reading the free HK mag. And the only time when we both spoke to each other was when I needed D to refill my coffee or when TJ kinda moved in his sleep. Anyway, the boy slept through the noise, lots of customers and the jukebox was blaring away.

Oh and because the outlet was at the “sleazy” part of Wanchai, we saw a few most-definitely “working” philipina ladies with angmohs who are either old or fat. One came in with two gals, and I commented to D that “someone had a threesome last nite.” Of course, there were some good looking ones with  well-dressed and model-thin Chinese girlfriends, but I reckon the girls are legit. Anyway, it’s pretty fun to people-watch, something that D and I do during the weekends but haven’t been able to cos the only people-watch we do now is TJ.

After feeding him, TJ slothed in the couch together with D and I thought I would just try to get a shot of TJ’s signature smile (the one where he squints his eyes till nothing and gives a toothy grin).

Very difficult thing to do since he would either smile before or after I have pressed the button.

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