His Royal Highness

This coming Thurs, TJ will be 13 months already. Dunno where all that time went, seems just not too long ago when he was still the lil’ Yoda-clone that basically just poop, pee, eat and sleep.

Since turning one, TJ’s moods have been swinging quite rapidly. One moment he could be laughing his head off at us, the next moment, he would scrunge his face and cry. He has thrown his temper tantrums more often now, mainly cos he is frustrated that nobody understands what he wants. His temper tantrum goes something like this: First, TJ would make the three-tone sound that indicates his unhappiness, followed by the arching of his back, kicking one of his legs in a “I Am So Irritated With You” manner, before ending off with a loud piercing cry.

The first couple of times when he did that to us, we were quite taken aback and didn’t quite know what to do with this kid. Oh, we did slap that leg of his, cos I really find that kicking to be damn rude. But later, D and I reckon TJ is acting that way cos he is growing up and frustrated that he can’t communicate with us. Funny, I had prayed to be a patient mum and what better way to learn about patience. 😉

One thing that has been bugging me is that in the last week or so, TJ has not been drinking his usual milk amount. For a long time, he would drink 7oz three times a day, besides his two porridge meals. Now, TJ has decided to “lose” his baby fat (since his papa has been calling him “Pui Pui Tan” since day 1) and only drink about 10 to 13oz per day. I must admit that the first few days when that happened, I was kinda freaking out and tried “forcing” him to drink. And of course, TJ would not have any of that, and threw more temper tantrums. And during that time, the Melamine incident had seriously disrupted the HK milk supply and I was getting upset with TJ for wasting so much milk.

Now, I would just let him be. For sure, after he stops drinking, I would play with him for awhile before trying to see if he wants anymore. Read on Babycenter that one-year-olds’ growth rate slows down in their 2nd year which explains some loss of appetite. I suppose if he is hungry, he would eat more during the next meal. For now, I have gotten my helper to give him his snacks in between mealtimes, something that I haven’t really done consistently since he was drinking and eating “normally” in the previous months. TJ’s fav snacks so far, Cheerios, Laughing Cow Cheese (he can finish the entire wedge if we let him… he has actually finish half a slice of bread with that cheese spread on top), bread and red grapes. I have just bought Baby Yoplait again and see if he would like them. The last time he tried was when he was about 7 months old, and guess who finished all the 6 tubs?!? I must say, it’s pretty good.

TJ’s identity is coming out more each day, and he is not just asserting himself but wants to show his independence. That’s the way it goes right? I do miss his babyish days, but we got to move forward. I CAN”T wait when he becomes a teenager… 😉

For the longest time, TJ would usually fall asleep on his own once we put him to bed. Even with the reduced amount of milk that he is drinking now, TJ would still sleep through the night till his 8am feed the next morning, which incidentally averages about 5 oz. I would think he would be hungry since the night before he only drank a measly 2oz. But guess he just isn’t.

But the last couple of nights, TJ wouldn’t go to bed in his usual calm manner. TJ would be crying his heart out, face wet with tears and mucus while standing IN FRONT of the baby monitor. I swear he knows what that gadget is for, and hearing him wail like that while having dinner doesn’t quite make it very romantic for D and I.

So it’s back to going into his room a few times, pick him up, calm him down, leave the room, hear him cry, delay going into the room a bit more and the cycle repeats itself. Finally I realise HRH just needs me to hold him while he puts his face on my chest and “talking” a little. I like to imagine he is saying, “Gee mum, this is really comfy and safe, this is all I wanted actually.” Haiz, so manja… But, I LIKE. 😉

Anyway, D and I have been telling each other, “It’s just another phase”. And we have been talking about discipline quite a bit more nowadays. D and I have this added pressure to make sure TJ is a well-behaved and respectful boy since he is the first grandchild on both sides of the family. I told D that we have to constantly remind ourselves to model positive behaviour at all times, and give TJ lots of praises and positive reinforcement when he is doing something right. Afterall it is so easy to highlight mistakes and misdemeanours. And in our Asian Chinese culture, we don’t praise enough while most of the time, we give too much attention to faults and problems resulting in kids thinking the only way to get attention is to act up.

D and I do believe in corporal punishment for really severe “criminal” offences (we grew up on that) and are in the process of purchasing a spatula for the purpose. The question now is, would it be a wooden one, metal or those high tech polymer one? We reckon if we are going to beat the living daylights out of TJ (joking ah), we should use an intermediary instead of our hands, cos our hands are for loving him.

So, besides Mr Spatula, TJ will most definitely get to know Uncle R.O.Tan and Auntie Teng Tiao too.

One response to “His Royal Highness

  1. Young T gave up drinking milk totally at 1 year old. He just refused to drink. It was also around the time that I upgraded the milk powder to the next stage. So for one year no milk… then at 2 years old, I introduced him to fresh milk… must be chocolate flavour.
    No need to worry too much. Giving more solid food and snacks will help to maintain his cute “Pui Pui Tan” looks. 🙂

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