At The Lil’ Gym

TJ will do all the exercises/stunts without any complaints, even though his weekly sessions at the Little Gym coincide with his morning naptime. Still, we follow his lead and watch for any possible signs of grouchiness. Most of the kids in TJ’s current class are older than him by a few months and are all able to walk. Some would be running around and trying to “escape” from their mums and dads. 😉 One friend mentioned to me that HK parents tend to “train” their children to walk asap, just so that they can be one up compared to other kids. That’s pretty dumb. It’s not as if people will take that into account when the kid is in his adulthood. Doesn’t mean that if the kid walks at 10 months old, he would be a successful person anyway.

TJ, on the other hand, is contented to just sit on his butt and observe. When he feels like it, he would just plonk himself on the mat and crawl towards whatever had caught his attention. Funny why he doesn’t quite cruise as much at the gym, unlike at home. We are just glad to spend this time with him, and see how he behaves/reacts in another environment other than at home.

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