TJ Is One

Has it been a year? Already?

Some days I don’t quite realise I am a mother until I hear him calling for me via the baby monitor. Haiz, my boy is no longer a baby and I kinda miss those early months. Dang, I know what some of my friends would say, “Go and have another one lah.”

Yeah, we will, maybe in another year and half. But in the meantime, this will be all about TJ. He is exactly one today, and that also makes us one-year-old parents who have “survived” TJ’s first year. And many more years to go….

On Sunday 14 Sep, D and I organised a lil’ b’day party for us. The night before, D and I rearranged our furniture to “open up” the limited space in our living area, put up the b’day banner that I had made and went to get some balloons (got 3 normal but cute balloons and a helium one that was markedly cheaper than those party shops at Central) from Spotlight @ Megabox. The lucky twelve uncles and aunties came about 2pm the next day and we had ordered food from California Pizza Kitchen, wine and scotch (but most pple wanted Coke instead and we kinda ran out), a Leche Flan dessert made by my helper (she took the initiative and it was really nice) and of course, TJ’s b’day Cupcake Cake which I had ordered from Babycakes Asia.

TJ’s b’day Cupcake Cake was the most expensive item at HK$740. The cake itself which included 8 vanilla cupcakes, 8 banana cupcakes topped with the La La Latte Icing, chocolate wordings and choc shavings deco cost HK$540, but cos I wasn’t going to make the long trek all the way to the shop to collect the cake, I paid an extra HK$200 for the delivery (the angmoh boss himself was the delivery boy). I supposed I could get a cheaper cake, but I reckon having a cupcake cake is different from the usual 1st b’day cakes. Besides all of TJ’s guests are adults and TJ being so young, would not appreciate or fancy an Elmo/Barney kinda cakes. Come to think of it, each time TJ saw the cake, he had this quizzical look and eyed the cake with suspicion. 😉

D says the cake tasted great and well, I like the idea that I didn’t have to use some kinda mathematical calculations to divide and cut the b’day cake. All I needed to do was to hold on to the bottom of each cupcake, lift it up slightly and voila, present it, icing and all, onto paper plates. 😉

TJ had his first taste of cupcake that day (just the cake and not the espresso laced icing) and well, he kinda gave the face at first but gradually accepted the new taste.

It was a good afternoon spent that day, since D and I could have some good adult conversations, and leave the babysitting to those nice uncles, aunties, and Chianti the toy poodle. 😉 Chianti had just attended a wedding earlier that day and was dressed in a pretty polka dotted red dress and did more tricks to wow us. I tried to get TJ to do some tricks, but haiz, my boy was nowhere to be found. Again, TJ didn’t quite care that Chianti was in the house, but there was a brief moment when he sat near Chianti, stroked her fur, touched her ears and face before blabbering something to her. It was a sweet moment and I still think it is good for kids to grow up with animals. They learn to love and respect the bigger world that they live in.

Only regret, D and I were busy entertaining that we kinda forgot about taking photos and didn’t allocate someone that duty either. One of our friends had her Canon 450D and she did take some shots but we couldn’t quite download the pics onto our PC. I suppose we would have to wait till she upload them first. Haiz.

TJ received a few pressies and a couple of angpows from my friends, although I had requested that they consider helping Thien Nhan instead of giving TJ pressies. Maybe they did and still gave TJ something. Either way, we are thankful to these nice people in our lives and TJ enjoyed watching me open his presents. I think it must be the sound that the gift wrap paper makes, seems to me he enjoyed playing with the paper and the plastic more than the toys.

Today being TJ’s actual birthday, I bought a small blueberry cheesecake from the Maxims outlet near our apt. I reckon we should do a small family celebration, and also for the obligatory family photo. 😉 Afterall TJ is only one once.

2 responses to “TJ Is One

  1. COngrats for being a year old parents!!!
    Good job….and sounds like u got a good helper too….so nice of her to make dessert. 🙂

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