TJ’s Recent “Whatzup?”

My eyelids are really heavy and I am ready to succumb to the Zzz monster, but not before I try to finish setting the “Multiples” Math Worksheet and update this blog by uploading some pics and video. Yeah, trying to multitask. Haiz, maybe I shouldn’t have stayed up to watch The Tudors Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2 on HBO Signature Plus (the uncensored version of The Tudors is shown on this channel) till one early this morning, especially since D had already downloaded the entire season one for me last year. Unfortunately I hadn’t got to watching it until last night on TV. Must remind myself to ask D to download Season 2.

D and I had decided to let TJ continue with the weekly sessions at the Little Gym till mid Jan 09. So far, TJ seems to enjoy himself during the 45-minutes lessons, taking part in the various activities and exercises without any complaints. While there are still other kids who would bawl during the session, TJ has never once done that, not even on the very first lesson back in June. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything or anyone and would just crawl away when something catches his eyes. Once in awhile, he would stop and check to see if either D or I was nearby.

TJ seems to imitate us more often in the last couple of weeks, especially when we are reading. I hope he would grow up to love reading, just like us. 😉 When I read to him just before his bedtime, I would lift the page slightly and TJ would turn that page for me… not very gently done but thank God for board books. 😉 He had, by the way, tore up a number of our old mags and the “Pat The Bunny” story book I had bought for him. When he sees D typing away on the keyboard, TJ would pull out his keyboard (we gave him one of the extra wireless keyboard and place it on one of the shelves within his reach) and begin tapping hard on it. And when he hears someone cough in the house, he would do the same thing. Real Bay Deh (“acting”).

My son, although he still can’t walk on his own yet, is getting better at walking when we hold on to his hands/arms. D thinks TJ looks like one of those chimps/orangutans which walked around with its arms held up high above its head. I can see that TJ is becoming more and more confident each day standing on his feet. There are times when he would be standing on his own for a few seconds, without holding on to anything, before plonking himself hard on his bum.

This Cheeky Monkey enjoys Hide-and-Seek, well us parents will “hide”, call his name and he would crawl rapidly in the direction of the sound. He would then squeal with excitement when he found us. Another game that TJ enjoys is for us to “chase” after him, especially around and under the dining table. 😉

TJ is also blabbering and screaming/shouting alot more now, but obviously we have no clue as to what he is trying to tell us. But he is happy knowing that he has gotten our attention, and within seconds, would go off in search of something else to play with.

I am thankful that TJ is a happy kid, and seeing him make funny faces and laugh with us is the best stress-reliever.

4 responses to “TJ’s Recent “Whatzup?”

  1. I love the photo with the two of you reading. So mother and son…

    TJ looks cute trying to grab hold of the ball as though saying, ‘It’s mine! It’s mine!’ Kind of funny how he is eyeing at the green ball near him towards the end of the video. 🙂

  2. Thanks 🙂
    Yeah, he seems to enjoy “reading” his mag before tearing up the pages.
    Yah, he was getting distracted with all those rubber balls all around him. LOL, and D had to re-direct his TJ’s attention to his own rubber ball. 😉

  3. Hmm….rubber balls….he likes rubber balls….hmmmm and you and D had to redirect his attention to his OWN ball…..hmmm…what does that REALLY mean huh?!?
    I not quite understanding this….

  4. LOL… yah hor… got second, third, fourth meaning leh. Aiyoh, only u would think dirty siah. I edited my comments to make it clearer liao.

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