It’s Back To The Grind Once More

I should be going to bed so that I would be ready for work tomorrow. But I reckon it makes no difference since waking up early in the morning (i.e. at the sane 7 am) isn’t a new thing for me ever since TJ is born. If I am working full time, I would need to get my arse off the bed by the insane and difficult 5.45 am and leave the house latest by 6.30am so that I could catch the MTR and the bus at Causeway Bay, just to be in school by 7.45am. Luckily for me, my new work hours will allow me to still sleep till 7ish, have a quick breakfast, change, feed TJ his 8 am milk feed and spend some time with him before leaving home and be in school by 9.30am.

Unlike my other colleagues, I was only required to be in school for three days. But that was also reduced to two days thanks to Typhoon Nuri which came by on Friday. There were the usual departmental meetings and workshops, it’s as if I never left. 😉 We had a workshop conducted by MindChamps from 9 to 5.30pm on Wednesday, the main speaker droned on and repeated his points so many times that I felt like throwing the file at him. 😉 His other partner talked about neuroscience, which I felt was quite enlightening but I could have googled the information. So whilst paying two-thirds attention to the speakers, I doodled and decorated TJ’s name on my lil’ black notebook.

Frankly the only thing I enjoyed during the course was the movie “August Rush” which the trainers used to highlight some points on Champion Mindset. The last movie I watched was the Dark Knight back in Jul and I thought it was kinda odd that we would be watching one during the workshop. Ok, I did watch Mummy 3 couple of weeks back, but it was a not-so-good online streaming of the movie. 

I didn’t realise the organisers would screen the entire movie (about 2h long) since I reckon they would just use some parts to illustrate their points. I dunno how much the school paid them to conduct this workshop, but I reckon the movie tics were included. 😉 Not that I am complaining, ‘cos August Rush is a pretty good movie, and although some parts are kinda fairytale like (u know, love at first sight, happy ever after etc) but I like the use of music to tie the plot and characters together.

Music Of August Rush #1

Music of August Rush #2

Music of August Rush #3

“Something Inside” (Performed by Johnathon Rhys Meyer) – My fav song in the movie

I didn’t do much today, except for an early dim sum breakfast with another couple-friend and their 3 month old daughter (TJ’s Taiwanese gf), nap from 12 to 1.30pm and packed my bag for the new work day tomorrow. Haiz, no more mid-day naps for me from tomorrow onwards, and will miss TJ so much. My daily goal: To complete all work and leave school exactly at 3pm every day and as soon as possible after any meetings.

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