My SAHM Days Are Over

After a year of sponging off D and caring for TJ 24/7, I will be returning to the workforce tomorrow at 0840. Currently I am a mixed bag of emotions… happy to be back at work and seeing old friends, but sad to be away from TJ. Haiz.

Before school officially starts next Monday, the rest of this week is filled with workshops and departmental meetings that will keep us all occupied from 8-something to 5-plus. But since I am on a part-time contract (two-third workload to be exact), I am thankful that I am not required to attend the 2D1N Staff Retreat (18 and 19 Aug at MGM Grand, Macau) and the Orientation Exercise this Saturday.

Still it will take some getting used to, waking up early in the morning, leaving TJ in C’s (my new helper) care and teaching the P4s (I may just end up teaching some of my ex-pupils who were in P2 the year before). D and I have been praying hard that TJ will be well taken care of while we are at work, but we have to somehow trust in C and learn to let go. I suppose it is harder for me since I have been TJ’s sole caregiver and well, I don’t think anyone can do a better job than me. 😉

I have been leaving all the chores to my helper C and getting her used to TJ’s routine, which also meant that I don’t really do much the last two weeks except to nap almost everyday at 11.30am, go to the gym or swimming, sun tan a lil’, meet up with some friends, have lunch with D and not rush through dinner preparation. 😉 Heheh, so that’s the lifestyle of a tai tai. 😉 Quite good leh.

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