@ SG Wk 2

19 Jul Sat – Visited D’s godma @ Kim Keat Place

20 Jul Sat – I had breakfast with V and GL (ex-colleagues @ ACSP) at Ya Kun (Bishan J8) before shopping for some chinese storybooks at Popular Bookstore. Later in the afternoon, I convinced D to go to the gym at the S’goon CC for a short session. Mainly, D and I bummed around at home and later we had dinner with my parents, bro and his gf at Dian Xiao Er @ AMK Hub. TJ got too excited while playing and hit the back of his head against the table. It was quite loud and there was a deathly silence before TJ gave out a lil’ cry and continued playing. 😉 My bro thinks his nephew has a high threshold of pain.

21 Jul Mon – We had lunch with D’s ex-colleague at a ramen eatery (Suntec) and did some shopping around that area.

22 Jul Tues – Went back to Pasir Ris to continue clearing up our room after my medical checkup at Raffles Medical (OCBC Centre). Bought more chinese storybooks from the Children’s Bookshop (Bras Basah Complex) and some from the new Campus Crusade Bookstore (Braddell MRT Stn Exit C). TJ was home with my mum which gave D and I some couple-time. It’s been awhile. 😉

23 Jul Wed – Took TJ back to Pasir Ris. He was “entertained” by granny and her DH while we continued to clear up our room. Later that night, after putting TJ to bed, D and I went to AMK Hub (again?!?) to catch The Dark Knight. After this, it will be awhile before we could step into the cinema to watch a movie. 😉

The Dark Knight is a fabulous movie, not just the special visual effects but it has quite a philosophical slant. I told D during the running credits that this is the best Batman movie I have seen. I am not sure if Heath’s portrayal as The Joker would have been as well-received if he was still alive, but to me, Heath Ledger is a blast to watch in the movie. Besides Heath, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart were equally great in the film.

24 Jul Thurs – Chilled out at home for most part of the morning while D was out to collect his medical report and he had lunch with a friend. TJ was home with my mum while I met D in town after his lunch. I did some shopping at Robinsons and we dropped by at Kinokuniya Bookstore before going home to feed TJ his dinner. Later that evening, it was my turn to meet up with some secondary mates at a Jap eatery (Great World City). One of my secondary friends has just become a new mum to a beautiful three-month-old daughter and it was really nice to catch up with all the gals.

25 Jul Fri – Went back to Pasir Ris for a final visit. We left TJ with his granny to have a late lunch; I finally got to eat Bak Chor Mee at the kopitiam nearby while D had Hokkien Mee. That evening, D and I had dinner with a couple of friends at this quite famous kopitiam restaurant at Lor 8 Toa Payoh. We had black pepper crab with beehoon, Shimmering Crab (basically it’s buttered crab fried with cereal, the popular fried beancurd and some green veg.

26 Jul Sat (Back to HK) – We left for the airport around 11am and the cab driver took us for a lil’ joyride (not very pleased but it was partly our fault for not telling him the route first). D and I had told our mums that there was no need for them to send Tyler us off at the airport since we would be going thru’ the customs once we got our boarding passes.

TJ was generally well-behaved during the flight as he napped during the first half of the flight and we took turns to entertain him during the 2nd half. I was getting quite sleepy at one point and asked D to take TJ for a walk while I rested. Apparently D carried TJ all the way to the end of the plane and somewhere along the way, TJ charmed three air stewardesses and allowed them to carry him. 😉 Haiz, I suppose TJ wasn’t the only one to relish in the attention. 😉

It has been a very good two weeks break, especially the opportunity for D and I to have some time to ourselves and knowing that TJ was in good hands (Thanks especially to my mum who has always been willing to take care of her favourite grandson) when we were out. And it cracks me up when TJ would smile so widely even when he sees that both his parents are standing along the corridor waving him goodbye. I suppose he doesn’t have any separation anxiety (yet?!?) or he is just glad to be free from his parents’ grips. Either way, I am probably the one with the separation anxiety and well, seeing that my son is ok with my absence will make it easier for me to return to work.

Next time we are back in Sgp… CNY 09.

One response to “@ SG Wk 2

  1. Happy to have met up with you, D and your charming little Tyler. By 2009 CNY, we should be able to meet up at J new place and she will entertain us with her gourmet cooking or we can have a pot luck session at her place. I am counting down the days.

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