Before TJ, our weekends will be very much spread thin with climbing, diving and catching up on sleep. Usually D and I will not be at home much on Saturdays and Sundays; there is always something to do, someone to meet and somewhere to go. If there is some last-minute plans, we could be out of the house in minutes and have no qualms about staying out late. Well before the weekends arrive, I would have made sure all the major chores had been done, mopping, cleaning, ironing etc, so that I can be free to enjoy myself on those two days before the start of another work week.

Now, there isn’t any more climbing (I am hoping to get back to it soon) or diving (have decided to quit the Divemaster course… lost the enthusiasm). Sleep is still something we are trying to catch up on, although it’s easier for me to do so since I am still a SAHM and can nap together with TJ. 😉

We definitely can’t do anymore last minute plans. Anyone who wants to meet up with us would have to let us know at least a day in advance, and it is also subjected to whether the weather is crappy or not. And timing… I would prefer to feed TJ his lunch before going out and be home for his dinner, which means we can only be out between 2pm to 6pm, inclusive of travelling time by the way.

There have been times I just prefer to chill out at home instead. It’s such a dilemma really, want to go out but think it’s better to stay at home. I suppose it’s cos D can watch over TJ while I let down my guard and just relax a lil’ knowing that I don’t have to keep my eyes on my climbing and creeping slug the whole time he is awake. Now the boy has gotten the hang of climbing onto the couch and pulling himself up to a standing position with anything he can get his hands on, chairs, subwoofer, dehumidifier, radiator, beanbags etc. It’s more stressful this past week and a half, TJ has fallen and landed on the back of the head more often. Still, D and I let him be, under our watchful eyes, and when TJ does take a tumble, we let him cry awhile. Usually TJ would roll over and continue to play, but there have also been times when it is quite a bad fall that hugs and kisses are necessary to make him feel better. But he just doesn’t learn, I suppose pain is a fleeting concept for him and we reckon TJ might as well have a taste of it now.

D and TJWe finally took TJ to the pool at our clubhouse yesterday, since the weather was looking good. But within 15 minutes, HK weather has defeated us yet again. At first there was just a lil’ drizzle but we remained in the pool thinking that it would just be a passing cloud. The sun did reappear again but it wasn’t long before the skies turned grey, the wind picked up and the rain came back with a vengence. Crappy HK weather, the whole week was hot and sunny, but it’s back to showers again this entire week.

Later in the afternoon when the rain had kinda lightened up, we took TJ to Mongkok and Kowloon Tong to run some errands. I carried TJ in the sling the whole time since pushing TJ in the stroller at Mongkok would have stressed me out. And somewhere in Kowloon Tong’s Festival Walk, I was TJ’s walking hammock as he had his afternoon nap inside the confines of the sling.

Saturday night, we met some scuba friends at a Japanese restaurant at Metro City Plaza to celebrate our dive instructor’s b’day. There were about 13 of us, a tight squeeze in the private dining room. Food was quite good, although nowadays I am quite wary of eating raw stuff. I am just afraid of getting food poisoning eating contaminated sashimi… who is going to take care of TJ if I am sick and puking my insides out?

I do like Jap food and I usually go for salmon sashimi (don’t take tuna cos I’m a dolphin-friendly person). And I know that fresh sashimi comes from fish that were once alive, but a number of us was taken aback by this dish that someone had ordered.

Ok, I felt very bad for the fish, and frankly I think it was a slow and painful death. That did spoil my appetite for the rest of the evening. And it reminds me of another clip I had seen some time ago. We can be so cruel.

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