I think this would qualify as TJ’s first word, calling me no less. 😉

He has been doing this since last week. At first I thought it to be just a random utterance, but he doesn’t say that to D or to any of his toys for the matter. Only to me, especially when he starts to get a lil’ whiny and tries to tell me he wants to be carried. 😉

Incidentally I hadn’t drilled TJ into calling “Mama”. Of course D isn’t that pleased, he had read that “Dada” would be the easier word for babies to say. 🙂

One day, TJ started repeating “Mm-Mah” as he crawled towards me, and I supposed I had reinforced that by expanding those consonants-vowels combination while pointing to myself. The first time I heard what sounded like “Mama”, I just waited to hear TJ say it again, just to make sure he was saying it to me.

Well, that’s my boy. 🙂

2 responses to ““Mama”

  1. Yes, it sounds ‘mama’ to me. TJ has grown up, he looks like a boy, not baby-look now.

  2. Yup, I am hoping he will say “mama” when I prompt him, and not when he feels like it. 😉 He is growing up so fast… miss the baby look.

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