Baby Splash Wonderland @ YMCA

Baby Splash Wonderland is uniquely designed for parents who are busy on weekdays and miss our wonderful time at Aqua-tots. Some basic movement related swimming will be introduced through games and songs. Target age: 6 – 35 mths.

As we aren’t sure if we can commit to the twice weekly weekday classes, D and I were glad to see there would be a one-time, 45 minute lesson at the YMCA indoor pool for lil’ tots.

I decided that TJ would wear the Huggies Little Swimmers diaper before we left home and it proved to be a mistake. The silly diaper didn’t trap his pee well enough and that meant my pants, shirt and the sling he sat in were soaked through. In fact that stoopid diaper was still dry. And worse, that was the one day I decided to leave his extra pants at home and by the time we got to YMCA, both of us were wet.

With DaddyIn the end, I decided to go home to get a new pair of shorts and his bathrobe. I thought about changing to new clothes, but since his pee didn’t stink (unlike Holding the side on my ownours 😉 ) and I reckon I will still be wet when I bathe him later, I decided to heck it. In fact, my pants and the sling kinda dried up on the way home, which was just as well. 

The cabbies were quick to take me to and from home back to YMCA and I managed to watch both my boys having fun in the water.

TJ was excited to see me and tried to climb out of the pool. D said that he didn’t hold on to TJ and my son used his brute strength to somehow hold on to the side of the pool. My son, by the way, doesn’t like to be on his back. He preferred the opposite side, and didn’t mind if water got onto his face as he splashes about. Later on, D told me that the instructor had demonstrated some moves with TJ and as usual, he wasn’t afraid of the new environment or the instructor.

The indoor pool at YMCA works in all weather conditions, but to make the journey there is quite a chore when we have a pool just 5 minutes away. We will take TJ to the pool at our clubhouse when the weather is more stable. I would want my son to be able to swim, very important skill to learn… especially since his daddy used to represent his school in the Nationals and well, I have a soft spot for the toned and lean swimmer’s bod. 😉

One response to “Baby Splash Wonderland @ YMCA

  1. Aiyoh, TJ looks so cute with his hair wet 🙂 .

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