The Teething Human Slug

The Human SlugSince last weekend, my son has realised that he could leave the crashpad (which I use as his play area bounded by the beanbags, cushions, pillows and my bolster) by creeping over daddy’s beanbag and patter on the parquet flooring. As much as I am impressed by how fast he manages to get around on his tummy, using his arms to pull himself forward while pushing against the floor with his feet, I can’t quite go about with my chores anymore while he plays on his own.

If I am seated on the beanbag, TJ will be happy to play on the crashpad. However when I am not there, but seated on the dining chair either having breakfast or surfing the net, TJ would make his way towards me before paying the customary visits to the shoe cabinets, the subwoofer, the plastic covering the base of his rocker chair etc. The last couple of days, he cried when he couldn’t see me (yeah, separation anxiety). But now, TJ has taken matters into his own hands… he would just make his way to the kitchen or the toilet and squeal with delight when he sees me. 😉

Looking at this happy human slug, what can I do but to carry him right away and tell him that he is a smart boy who managed to find mummy.

Relaxing... Very Ah PekD and I have kinda childproof our living area couple of weeks back but I think more could be done. Although I can’t quite leave him alone now, I am glad Smirkthat TJ is growing up nicely and is curious about the larger surroundings around him. It is yet another milestone that he has reached. Oh, having a smaller apartment also means it is easier to spot TJ.

On Tuesday 20 May, I thought I saw something white on TJ’s lower gum and on closer inspection, saw his first tooth. 🙂 The top of the tooth was peaking out and I just had to double check to confirm before calling D to tell him about this discovery. When D got home later in the evening, we checked again much to TJ’s unhappiness. 😉 Another milestone… Maybe that was why he was in such a grouchy mood last week and fussed more than usual in the night.

Since yesterday, TJ’s latest project is to climb onto the couch. I enjoy watching him when he tries his darnest and only gives up when he is tired.  He hasn’t quite made it, and I will not help him out. It’s a problem that he has to figure out on his own.

2 responses to “The Teething Human Slug

  1. SOOO CUTE!! I saw the video… Hahahahaha

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Malthus!!

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