TJ with Chanti

I told D to inform Chanti’s parents that I wanna see Chanti. She is an intelligent, pretty and well-behaved 6-month-old, heheh, just 2 months younger than TJ.

Originally we had planned to meet up for dinner elsewhere, but they were busy and could only meet us after 8pm. I reckoned that would be way too close TJ’s bedtime, and yet, D and I were very interested to see how our son reacts to animals. In the end, we decided the best place would be our house (now that it is clean again 🙂 ).

At first, TJ wasn’t very interested in  Chanti. In fact he was more interested in her nappy (just in case Chanti decided to pee or poo on the floor) and my friend’s bags. A few times while TJ crept towards these items, Chanti would be jumping over my son to run to her toy after we had thrown it. After some time, he realised Chanti’s existence and tried to touch hit her. I had to hold his hand and show him how to “pat” Chanti.

D and I think it is a good thing to have our kids grow up with animals. We reckon when we do finally return to S’pore, we would consider having pets, best case scenario… a dog, a cat and two kids. 🙂

One response to “TJ with Chanti

  1. ARGH!!! SOoo cute!!! The pic, I mean…

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