James Blunt Concert @ HKCEC 15 May 08

Beginning of the concertMany many thanks to ML who knew I would be interested to go for the concert and treated me to the show last night. This is the 3rd concert we had attended together, the first was iL Divo followed by Christina Aguilera. The next one would be the musical We Will Rock You.

D reckons that I should also have some ME-time and do the things I like, so it’s thanks to him that I could have my date with James Blunt. He took care of TJ while I was out clapping and moving to “You Are Beautiful”, “Goodbye My Lover”, “So Long, Jimmy”, “1973” etc.

I thought of my two favourite boys while at the concert, and wondered when will D and I be able to attend a concert together again.

From where we were seated, James was as tall as my index finger, but ML and I had a rocking good time with James and his band. One third into his set, James leapt off the stage and ran into the audience. For a brief second, ML and I thought he would run down the aisle next to our seats, but the security person quickly blocked that part and James went off the opposite direction. Haiz. But that got everyone up on their feet and people just went wild.

I wouldn’t say James Blunt is a showman, no fancy dancework or pyrotechnics, but the band was good and we had fun.

Ah… if only Madonna’s World Tour comes to this part of the world.

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