My New Toy (Upgrade)

Heheh… Saturday evening, I traded in my white PSP (“free” gift after spending my first HK$1k on my HSBC credit card early last year) for a new PSP Slim & Lite.

I had been thinking of changing to the slim PSP since last August, but decided that it was a frivolous WANT. Well, it still is but since prices for these gadgets depreciate over the months, I felt slightly better to upgrade the set. Especially since D was nice to subsidise part of the cost and I had earned some money during those 3 days of relief teaching couple of weeks back.

D usually goes to this game shop near our place and the boss is a nice man whom we trust to give us a good deal. The cost of a new slim PSP is HK$1880 (S$330) which comes with a 4Gb Sandisk memory stick, USB cable which can also be used to charge the PSP via the PC, a pair of cheapo earphones (not from Sony) and most importantly, it can be modified. Ahem, that means I can have a choice whether to play original UMD games or downloaded ones. I only had to pay another HK$600 since the boss took in my old PSP for HK$600 and D paid the rest. 😉

Felicia Blue is the one on the lowest right cornerThere are 6 colours to choose from and my choice was the Felicia Blue. Dunno why that name.

I am not sure if I would actually get to play with my new toy, given that I am now a mum. But I have always been a techno gadget kinda person, and the lil’ voice in my head will keep reminding me until I finally get it.

Anyway, while looking for games to play on my new slim PSP (besides the current Virtua Tennis 3), I came across this new game called Echochrome (Official website in Japanese here). I like puzzle games and this one intrigues me cos it resembles Escher’s artwork, which  I enjoy very much.

Waiting for it to be released. For now, I will just play Tomb Raider: Anniversary, World Soccer Winning Eleven 9, Downstream Panic, Tekken Ressurection and Puzzle Bobble. 🙂

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