My Son Thinks He Is Old Enough…

For someone who just turned 7 months a week ago, it has been an interesting week.

During those 3 days when I was away doing relief teaching, I would call home a few times daily, not to check on D šŸ˜‰ but just to find out if everything was ok, especially lunchtime. Lunch feeding was a breeze according to D and I thought that was great news. D would turn on the speakerphoneĀ when I called and kept telling TJ, “That’s Mummy.” Apparently TJ had this quizzical look on his face, while staring hard at D’s Blackberry and probably wondered what was mummy doing inside this weird contraption.

Weekends were just for us to vegetate, and besides Typhoon Neoguri had brought lots of rain which meant it was beter to stay home.

The last few days, TJ has decided he is old enough to stay up as late as possible and has taken to waking up at theĀ “unearthly” time of 0630. The latest was near 11pm and by then, he wasn’t the TJ we know… there was a screaming, shrieking thing in the cot and we had no idea how it got there. šŸ˜‰ That night, D and I carried and rocked him to sleep cos he was already so overtired. And even then, we were woken up by his cries more often than usual during the night. Yet,Ā TJ still woke up at 6.30am in the morning and refused to go back to sleep.

Naptimes during these days were somewhat similar to before. The mid-morning naps were, I suppose, for him to catch up on his lack of sleep, but he still woke up (or I wake him up) 2.5h later for lunch. As for the mid-afternoon naps, it could range between a short 40 minutes to about 1.5h. I make sure TJ doesn’t sleep past 5.30pm since it will be about 3 hours later before his bedtime.

TJ with his toy caterpillar (the one with the numbers)We usually put him to bed by 8.30pm, after his wipe-down,Ā final milk feed, burp, read him a lil’ story, cuddle and prayer. However we would still hearĀ TJĀ moving about on his tummy, exploring his cotĀ in the dark,Ā pulling and talking toĀ his toy caterpillar for another 15 to 30 minutes. After that all will be quiet, although he still does wake up in the middle of the night, crying for a cuddle. Rise and shine for TJ would usually be around 7.20am but he would entertain himself for about half an hour before waking me up.

We try to keep any stimulations to the minimal towards bedtime, but it sometimes is difficult for DĀ to not play with his son when he comes home from work. He tries to keep playtime as low key as possible and well, this hasn’t changed for the longest time so this can’t be the reason for the warped sleep.

Well I think my boy is growing up and asserting himself in more ways than one. In the last week, one stark difference is that TJ is acutely aware of his surroundings, much more than usual. In fact, he is extremely curious and “kapo” (busybody) about anything.

Feeding him used to be quite easy as TJ would obediently sit on his rocker chair and finish everything. The I have officially taken over Daddy's beanbaglast few days have been quite a battle, as TJ fights to get off the chair and clamps his mouth shut until I finally put him on the floor. He can kinda sit up unaided for awhile, but I had to lock him in place between my thighs so that I could feed him. Unfortunately I can’t quite see TJ’s mouth in that position so it’s quite a chore to get the spoonful of porridge into his mouth. Moreover TJ needsĀ a lil’ distraction while I feed him, so I had to bring his Fisher Price toy stand to him. It’s either that or having him go hungry.

One thing that hasn’t change… TJ absolutely HATES it when I clean his face, mouth and neck.

TJĀ has taken an interest in the shiny doorknobs, the laundry bag, the wooden frame, the cupboard, all our remote controls,Ā our notebooks/laptops… It’s funny to watch him, especially since these things have been around all this while, but suddenly, one day, TJ realised their existence. When he hears us typing on our notebooks, TJ would stop whatever he was doing and make his way to us. He has been quite mobile for the last 3 months now, creeping around on his tummy but recentlyĀ TJ is much faster and makes his turns quite sharply. Nowadays, TJ enjoys wrestling with our pillows ‘cos he would use his legs and arms to push, pull, kick and lift the pillow over his head for a few seconds before laughing aloud. And that crack us up.

So maybe TJĀ realises that the world he is in is a slightly biggerĀ and more excitingĀ place than months ago, and he doesn’t want to miss a single second of it. šŸ™‚ We are crossing our fingers that this is just a phase that TJ will outgrow soon.

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