Little Drummer Boy

This boy blew me away with his solid drumming technique, right on the beat hitting the snare and hi-hat.

Jonathan Nicklagard from Sweden, and he is only four years old.

Some years back, D and I were at Yamaha, Plaza Sing, when we watched this little Chinese boy, probably same age as Jonathan or slightly older, thumping away on the electronic drums and jamming with one of the staff who was picking on the electric git. Really solid performance. We were awestruck, and secretly, I had hoped that boy was my son. 😉

I have told D that my kids must learn to play a musical instrument. I learnt to play the piano (stopped at ABRSM Grade 6) but I am not very good at it. And later in life, I tried the harmonica, the saxophone, a bit of drums and the acoustic guitar. Unfortunately I didn’t pursue any of that on a deeper level due to various reasons. Still I am grateful for my early musical education. I am not sure how much of that helped to develop me as a person, but I think some life lessons and values such as discipline can be taught through music.

So my kids will learn to play at least an instrument, any one is fine but definitely not the violin. Compare that to a piano, in the beginning stages, no matter how badly one plays the piano, the tone is still bearable. But the violin, gosh, I have heard too many horrible screech and shrieks from young beginning violinsts that reminds me of the nails scratching the blackboard. So definitely no violin for my kids.

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