First Solids

Some people, including my mum, had told me to feed TJ solids when he was about four months old. But I reckon he will have his whole life eating solids anyway, a delay of 2 months will not hurt. In fact, I have read that feeding solids too early, i.e. before 6 months of age, may result in unnecessary food allergies as the baby’s gastrointestinal tract has not or may not be matured enough to properly digest solids until around 6-8 months old.

Since I am the MUM, I decided to wait till TJ is 6 months old before giving him solids and the auspicious day was 15 Mar, Saturday, right after his mid-morning nap. Well, actually it was one day before he turned 6 months old, but what the heck, it was just a difference of twenty-four hours.

Just before I woke him up at twelve noon, I had prepared his “gourmet” meal. TJ’s first solids was basically Nestle Rice Cereal, one tablespoon mixed with some breastmilk in his new yellow Tommee Tippee container. The finished product was mushy and I supposed it would be easy for TJ to swallow. Thereafter, I woke the boy up and told him that he will be trying cereal in a few minutes. After securing him in his rocker chair and putting on his bib, I started feeding TJ.

Thank God, not too messyTJ was pushing the first few mouthfuls out of his mouth and his grumpy face didn’t seem to like it, but I persisted. Thank God he didn’t fuss or cry. I suppose his little brain was processing this new experience and taste. Soon TJ got the hang of it, opened his mouth automatically and cleaned off each spoonful of cereal. 

My “Yao Kui” (Hokkien for “Hungry Ghost” – direct translation) son decided to take things into his own hands. When I was just a tad bit slow in giving him his cereal, he grumbled and would grab the spoon to guide it into his mouth. If there wasn’t enough cereal on the spoon for him, he would show his displeasure. And he absolutely hates it when I clean his mouth.

As of today, he is now taking 5 tablespoons of rice cereal, drinks a reduced amount of milk (about 5 oz) right after eating his cereal and finishes everything within 20 minutes. I am thankful that so far, my son is quite easy to feed. I am still wondering when I should stop giving him milk after his solids, but for now, I suppose he still hasn’t have enough yet. Maybe tomorrow I will try 7 tablespoons of rice cereal and see if he still wants his milk right after that. 

For the next couple of weeks, I will be feeding him solids for one meal a day, and have him try out different types of food and veggies before fruits. Reason being he may end up not liking veggies, which are bitter compared to fruits. Anyway it’s best to have him experience what bitterness tastes like… just like the 成语 “先苦后甜” (Chinese proverb which means one must suffer first before being rewarded for his hard work or suffering)

This coming Easter weekend, I will introduce sweet potato, carrots and bananas to him. Not all at one go of course, but one at a time and would wait at least 3 days before giving him something new. It will be fun… although I am not too keen to know what his poo will look or smell like after eating different types of food. 😉

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